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Always On

Choose 5 FUNDAMENTAL 5ML miniatures when you spend 50€
                    "id": "9394113",
                    "title": "Always On",
                    "description": "Scegli 5 miniature 5ML FONDAMENTALI quando spendi 50\u20ac",
                    "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg",
					"gt_translate_keys": ["title", "description", "code", "perma", "store_perma"],
                    "code": "23FACE",
                    "perma": "always-on",
                    "store_perma": "yslbeauty",
                    "url": "/go.php?coupon_id=9394113&code=23FACE",
                    "store_id": "4164"

Promotional Codes and Offers YSL Beauty

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Things to know about YSL Beauty

Take advantage of YSL Beauty-IT offers and discount codes, you can save on your purchases. Discover YSL Beauty by Yves Saint Laurent: make-up, perfume, skincare, nail polish, men's products and more. Official secure online boutique for all YSL products, expert beauty advice and exclusive offers. At YSL, we dare to be unconventional, to take actions that create positive change for people and our land. Rewrite the rules, so we can change the future

Recently expired codes and offers

These YSL Beauty codes have just expired, sometimes they can last beyond their expiration date, you can try to see if these promotions are still active to spend less.

                { "id": "12720629", "title": "CNY", "description": "30% OFF SETS", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg", "code": "CNY24" , "perma": "cny", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=12720629&store_id=4164", "store_id": "4164" }

CNY offer

                { "id": "12420960", "title": "GIFTSETS", "description": "30% off giftsets + collectors", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg", "code": " GIFT30", "perma": "giftsets", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=12420960&store_id=4164", "store_id": "4164" }


30% off giftsets + collectors
                { "id": "11984110", "title": "BUNDLES", "description": "25% DUOS & TRIOS", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg", "code": "DUO25 ", "perma": "bundles", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=11984110&store_id=4164", "store_id": "4164" }


                { "id": "11226768", "title": "Last Chance Gift Sets", "description": "35% off last chance giftsets", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg", "code ": "30SETS", "perma": "last-chance-gift-sets", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=11226768&store_id=4164", "store_id": " 4164" }

Last Chance Gift Sets offer

35% off last chance giftsets
                { "id": "9149707", "title": "MU OFFER", "description": "Buy 2 foundations and get 20% off", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg", "code": "MU23", "perma": "mu-offer", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=9149707&store_id=4164", "store_id": "4164" }


Buy 2 foundations and get 20% off
                { "id": "8885801", "title": "Free finished product", "description": "Spend €75 or more and receive a free Rouge Pur Couture Slim", "thumbnail": "../stores /store_4164.jpg", "code": "KISS23", "perma": "free-finished-product", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=8885801&store_id= 4164", "store_id": "4164" }

Offer Finished product for free

Spend €75 or more and receive a free Rouge Pur Couture Slim
                { "id": "8823913", "title": "€48", "description": "30% off Pureshots", "thumbnail": "../stores/store_4164.jpg", "code": "SHOTS23", "perma": "pureshot-48hr-offer", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=8823913&store_id=4164", "store_id": "4164" }

Offer €48

30% off Pureshots
                { "id": "8270272", "title": "Winter Sales", "description": "15% discount on the entire catalog except Vestiaire/Or Rouge 50€", "thumbnail": "../stores/ store_4164.jpg", "code": "WSALES", "perma": "winter-sales", "store_perma": "yslbeauty", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=8270272&store_id=4164", "store_id ":"4164" }

Winter Sales offer

15% discount on the entire catalog except Vestiaire/Or Rouge €50

Where can I find YSL Beauty discount codes?

Thanks to this page you can take advantage of YSL Beauty discount codes and get price reductions on your purchases. Come back often so you don't miss out on the best savings offers.

Where to enter YSL Beauty coupons?

Enter the YSL Beauty promotional code from this page in the online store cart summary to see the final amount with the discount applied.

How do I use a YSL Beauty promotional offer?

Visit the many offers dedicated to YSL Beauty and click on the "Discover the Offer" button to access the online store and take advantage of the promotion.

When do the YSL Beauty sales start?

In 2024 January will be the month of the winter YSL Beauty sales, July the summer one.

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