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Why is Women's Day celebrated on March XNUMX?

La International Women's Day it is celebrated on March 8 to commemorate women's struggle for their rights, especially the right to vote. The date was not chosen by chance: on March 8, 1908, a group of textile workers from New York, mostly immigrants, took to the streets to protest against working conditions and lower wages than men. The protest resulted in a fire which caused the death of 123 workers.

From that moment it began to celebrate women's day in memory of those workers.

Why is mimosa given to women on March XNUMXth?

The mimosa has become the symbol of women's day because, being a flower blooming in spring, represents rebirth and strength. In addition, its delicacy and beauty represent femininity and beauty delicacy of women.

The tradition of giving mimosas on Women's Day spread throughout Italy in the 40s, when the Communist Party decided to use the flower as a symbol of the fight for equality gender and women's rights. Mimosa is an inexpensive and easily available flower in spring, making it accessible to everyone.

What to give a woman on March 8?

There are many ways to celebrate International Women's Day and show your love for the important women in your life. Here are some gift ideas you might consider:

  • Flowers: as already mentioned before, the mimosa is the traditional symbol of Women's Day, but you can also opt for other flowers such as roses, sunflowers or cut flowers
  • Tickets to a show or a concert: If the person you want to give the gift likes to go to shows or concerts, this could be a great idea
  • Jewellery: such as bracelets, necklaces or earrings, a classic but always appreciated gift
  • Home accessories: how scented candles, carpets or decorative pillows, to help create a comfortable and welcoming environment in the home
  • Experiences: as a weekend out of town, a spa day or a boat excursion, to create unforgettable memories together
  • Books: If the person you want to give the gift loves to read, you could give a book interesting or magazine
  • Personalized gifts: such as a personalized mug or a framework with a photo, to show that you thought of her in a special way

These are just a few ideas to help you choose the right gift, in the end what matters is choosing a gift that shows that you have taken care of thinking about that person and that they are appreciated.

What can I give to my friend for this occasion?

If you have a friend you want to give as a gift for Women's Day, there are many options to choose from. Here are some specific gift ideas for a friend:

  • A dinner out: Treat her to a fun and tasty night out at a restaurant you know she likes
  • A spa day: give a relaxing day and well-being in one wellness center or a spa
  • Subscription to one gym or a course of yoga: if your friend is passionate about fitness, this could be a perfect gift
  • A book or magazine: If your friend loves to read, give her one book or magazine that you know she cares
  • A fashionable accessory: how a bag or pair of shoes, could be a very welcome gift
  • An experience: like aexcursion boat or a helicopter flight, to create unforgettable memories together
  • A home accessory: like a scented candle or a decorative picture, to help create a comfortable and welcoming environment in the home
  • A personalized gift: how a cup or a painting with a photo of you, to show that you have thought of her in a special way
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