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5% Discount Code

5% discount on the first purchase for all subscriptions
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15% Discount Code

Valid on the purchase of a single package chosen from those available.
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Things to know about Novakid

Novakid is an online English school for children aged 4 to 12 offering online courses with native speakers with programs that meet the European CEFR standards.

During Novakid's online English lessons for children, everything takes place completely in English. Children quickly get used to communicating without using their native language.

The session lasts approximately 40 minutes: 5 minutes of pre-lesson activities and review exercises + 25 minutes of active conversation practice with the teacher + 10 minutes of educational games immediately after the lesson to consolidate the learned material.

Recently expired codes and offers

These Novakid codes have just expired, sometimes they can last beyond their expiration date, you can try to see if these promotions are still active to spend less.

                { "id": "11028291", "title": "15% discount", "description": "Valid on the purchase of a single package of your choice from those available.", "thumbnail": "../stores/ store_4680.jpg", "code": "No longer active", "perma": "discount-15", "store_perma": "novakid", "url": "/go2.php?coupon_id=11028291&store_id=4680", "store_id": "4680" }

15% Novakid discount

Valid on the purchase of a single package chosen from those available.

Where can I find Novakid discount codes?

On this page or on the Telegram channel you will find Novakid promotional codes to save on your online shopping. Visit it regularly so you don't miss out on the best savings opportunities.

Where to insert Novakid coupons?

Copy the Novakid promo code from this page and paste it into the cart summary of the e-commerce site. You will see the total amount with the discount applied.

How do I use a Novakid promotional offer?

Consult our Novakid offers page to find unbeatable discounts and click on the "Discover the Offer" button to discover the opportunities of the online store.

When do the sales start on Novakid?

In 2024, the start date of the winter Novakid sales is set for January, while the summer one for July.

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