5 Tricks to book on Booking and save money

If you're wondering how to save on hotels for your next trip, you need to know that there are several tricks to find advantageous prices on Booking

Among the sites to save on hotels Booking is certainly among the best known and most reliable platforms, as well as full of proposals for all tastes and all budgets, available in every part of the world.

If you are wondering how save on the hotel in view of your next trip you must know that there are several tricks to find advantageous prices on Booking, made available by the platform itself for its users or in the form of discounts or coupons, which you can find by browsing our site.

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How to save on Booking

Booking is among the platforms of hotel booking number one in the world due to a presence on the web for more than twenty years now, and has always stood out for a great diversification in terms of structures so that anyone, regardless of the idea of ​​stay and budget, can find with ease the solution suitable for your pockets and preferences.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the majority of people intending to book a hotel type in the string of Google which, in addition to being an easy site to navigate, offers the possibility of using search filters to refine the process and find easily the proposals with the lowest price.

Trick number 1: monitor offers on booking

The first trick to save money by booking a hotel on Booking is to monitor the offers, bearing in mind that Booking itself often offers discounts on the home page and promotions valid during the current month, or for certain periods of the year. When this is the case, the structures that reflect the user's search intent are highlighted, taking into account the destination, the type of structure desired and the price.

Trick number 2: the filter finds offers

Another trick to save money is the filter function "Find offers” on Booking; not everyone knows that there is a string to find offers among the search filters, and that it will be enough to select it to bring out only last minute offers or reduced price proposals in the list of structures.

To set up the "find offers" search filter, connect to the Booking page, fill in the fields with the destination and possibly the dates; then, in the menu where it says filter, insert the "all offers" filter: once the filter has been inserted, on the search results page you will only see destinations with discounted prices. This is a trick that really saves you time too, because in this way the site groups only the properties that satisfy the search criterion on a single page.

Trick number 3: look for the most convenient dates

Not all dates have the same price in the same establishment. There are obviously periods of high season and those of low, just as it is known that prices rise around the holidays. Also in this case you can go to the home page of the site and scroll down to the wording "availability": from here you can open the calendar and view the structure's rates day by day, so you can compare current offers and prices and choose the most convenient period to book.

Trick number 4: take advantage of promotions

Booking promotions are frequent and Booking also participates like many other travel portals in the Black Friday discounts, for a period usually active in the month of November. If you book taking advantage of Black Friday offers, the discount will be applicable on bookings until June of the following year.

Finally, in view of the beginning of the year or major holidays (New Year, Christmas, Easter, long weekends), Booking provides users with timed discounts and promotions to be used on a selection of facilities around the world.

Trick number 5: free cancellation

Booking offers the fantastic opportunity to book and cancel for free even up to the day before. Even if you are not sure about the dates or the trip is still being planned, if you find an interesting structure with an advantageous price that offers free cancellation, don't wait, book! In case you can't go, you can cancel the reservation, and you can do it even if during another search you should find a more suitable solution for your needs.

But be careful before booking; not all establishments offer this possibility and the period valid for cancellation is not universal.

Booking coupon code

Many wonder how long in advance it is advisable to book on Booking but the right answer is: when you find the perfect structure. If you are looking for a structure for your next holiday and you find a good offer, book with free cancellation: bad luck you will have secured an excellent opportunity.

In any case, take a tour of our site to hunt for Booking discount codes and coupons and start thinking about your next trip.

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