Camping tents: buy the right model with online discounts

Camping is a unique experience, which brings you in close contact with nature. Whether it's in the mountains, by the lake or by the sea, the only thing you need to get for the perfect holiday is the tent.

Choosing a camping tent can sometimes prove difficult, especially for those who go camping for the first time or have to buy a family model; this is because companies in the sector offer many types of more or less technical awnings, to meet the needs of an increasingly large and diversified user base.

How to choose the right camping tent

It all depends on the number of people it will host; a wise choice is to buy a tent that has one more place than you need. A little extra space will make you more comfortable and will also store your luggage, so even if you're alone, a two-person tent is better than a single-person tent.

The matter changes if you travel alone and have to carry the tent on your shoulder; in this case, a compact and light model such as the trekking single-seater is better.

If you are a beginner, it is better to choose a model that is easy to assemble, also recommended for those who plan traveling trips and therefore need to optimize time and effort. 

The more complex tents to assemble, however, are the large ones and equipped with more comfort, designed for long and comfortable stays. 

It is also important to distinguish camping tents for the mountains from those for camping by the sea; beach tents are lighter and made to allow more air to pass through, less technical than those intended for the mountains. 

Different types of camping tent

Canadian tent

That is the classic boyscout tent with a sloping roof, easy to assemble, even if the word now means dome tents intended for a maximum of two people.

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Dome tent

Formed by two crossed arches, this small tent is light and not bulky: on the other hand, it does not offer space or high levels of comfort, although simple to pitch and close thanks to pop-up systems and the absence of tie rods (attention however, this could be a problem in windy weather). The larger dome tent versions can have integrated optionals such as channels that make the rain flow to the ground, and can reach a capacity of up to six people, transforming themselves into what we can define as "house tents". 

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House tent

House tents are great for those with children, because they have a common space like a living room where they can play when the weather is bad outside. They are ideal for long holidays, even if they are more demanding, expensive and cumbersome to transport. They are also the most equipped model, with PVC windows and mosquito nets on the opening. 

Inflatable tents

These tents don't have poles but inflatable tubes made of the same material as tires; in fact, to set up the tent you need to inflate it, and the result is a cover that is also resistant to rain and wind, spacious and quick to set up.

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Characteristics of a camping tent


Regardless of the season and the place where you camp, a good tent must be water resistant. Choose models with waterproof bottoms and reinforced seams that prevent the passage of water inside. Camping in winter is not widespread, but if you decide to leave, get yourself a double-layer tent to face the low temperatures.


Air circulation is important, the advice is to get a model with windows, even better if equipped with mosquito nets to protect you from insects in the summer.

Weight and ease of use

If you have to carry the tent on your shoulder, choose light and easy to pitch models, in the case of family camping or for long periods, a large and comfortable tent is better. It is important to choose models that obscure the external light to favor night rest, as well as ease of assembly.


The tents are largely made of polyester, as they are resistant and light, while the poles to fix them to the ground are made of fibreglass, steel or aluminium.

How much does a camping tent cost?

It depends on the model and the quality of the materials, size, kind of comfort; adventurous campers opt for comfortable and resistant tents for all eventualities but if you are at the first experience a two-person tent, comfortable and stable but at an affordable price, is the right choice. 

Small tents designed for overnight camping spots can also be found for €20, while professional ones go up to €2.000; in any case, if you need to buy one, take advantage of our discount codes to save money and enjoy the perfect campsite!

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