TELEPASS: How to save on motorway tolls

Discounts, initiatives and cards to use to save money when you travel for work or pleasure.

The Telepass is a handy invention for those who travel often on the motorway, both to pay less tolls and to avoid long queues at the toll booths, since with the Telepass the payment takes place automatically, saving you a lot of time. 

Telepass was invented in 1990 and today there are more than ten million users using it; it was one of the first technologies applied on the national transport network and immediately obtained a good reception from the public, thanks to the convenience and simplicity of operation. It is a small box to be attached to the windshield of the car linked to the credit card, so at each entrance and exit from the motorway the payment is recorded and automatically deducted. 

If you are wondering how to save money with Telepass, know that it is possible, and there are also several advantages connected to it to be discovered: let's see what they are.

How is Telepass activated? 

Telepass can be activated in three ways:

  • online from the website
  • at one of the blue points, consult the website to check where they are
  • at the bank, but first you need to understand if your credit institution is authorized.

The debit takes place directly on the current account to which you choose to connect the Telepass; the offer becomes even more advantageous if you choose to join the Premium package for a minimum additional cost, equal to 0,76 cents more per month, which however offers long-term advantages. 

In fact, premium customers can convert some purchases into deductions to be deducted from the toll. An example: if you refuel on the motorway at Tamoil or Shell stations, for each liter of fuel purchased you will get 0,04 cents off the total charge for the current month. 

Since refueling is less of an option than a must when you're travelling, why not take advantage?

Another interesting offer linked to the advantages of Telepass concerns the purchase of four Pirelli tires, which entitles you to 50 euro discount, to which are added discounts at Autogrills and other agreements, such as the easy purchase and collection of the ferry ticket for Messina or access by car to area C of Milan.

The Telepass works automatically but if the barrier doesn't work, you pay the toll by reading the license plate, and therefore you won't waste time with any disruptions. 

On the toll you have discounts of up to 100% on many routes, 30% if you travel by motorbike. 

How much does Telepass cost? At the moment, after the slightly increased price recently due to fuel price increases, the basic Telepass option provides for an annual cost of € 15,12.

How to pay less than Telepass

The program is running until March 25, 2024 Toll refund included in Roadside Assistance, which saves you money if you find long queues on the motorway due to accidents. In this case, you will receive a 50% cashback on the toll amount up to a maximum of €200 per year for each Telepass device.

the refund is immediately available on all tolls paid with the device so you don't have to do anything to activate it. 

How to reduce highway costs? 

Saving when traveling on the motorway is possible: in terms of time and money, choosing payment with Telepass allows you to enter and exit the motorway from preferential lanes avoiding queues and accessing convenient advantages, as we have just seen.

To save money while traveling, other useful tips are: 

  • fill up before leaving, perhaps at a service station with i lower prices, because filling up on the motorway includes an additional expense ranging from +5% to an average of +15%, with peaks of +30% depending on the operators;
  • bring food and drinks from home, so as not to stop at the Autogrill every time; especially if you travel with the family, the shopping to eat on the go maybe more than once a day could get heavy;
  • travel during the coolest hours in summer and the hottest hours in winter to save on air conditioning consumption, which results in higher fuel consumption;
  • drive at a constant speed to limit consumption;
  • avoid boxes and luggage racks on the roof which slow down acceleration due to friction with the air;
  • before setting off, check the state of wear of tires and treads, to avoid dangerous accidents or emergency maneuvers if the car stops en route.

Telepass discount codes 

To get other benefits with Telepass in addition to those already included in the package, keep an eye on our website and look for the discount codes available on the page Telepass Shop Online: with all the precautions and discounts that we have also seen travel on the highway it's all about convenience!

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