Soundbars: which one to choose? Online advice and offers

TV audio not satisfying you? Enhance it by purchasing a soundbar, an audio device that you can easily connect to your TV for incredibly cleaner and more immersive sounds. Unlike home theater and home cinema systems, which are made up of multiple elements and not quite simp…

TV audio not satisfying you? Enhance it by purchasing a soundbar, an audio device that you can easily connect to your TV for incredibly cleaner and more enveloping sounds.

Unlike systems home theater e home cinema, made up of several elements and not exactly simple to assemble, the soundbar is a single piecea long and thin design and compact size, it can be placed on a cabinet or on the wall e easily connects to TV with a cable or wirelessly. The advantage of the soundbar is that it manages to enhance the sound of the TV, while also offering a virtual surround effect. It takes up minimal space, does not require special technical knowledge to be connected and the cost of a soundbar it is lower than that of more complex audio systems.

What is virtual surround

THEsurround effect it is a circular sound that envelops and immerses the spectator, positioning him at the center of the scene and is obtained by arranging sound sources even behind his back.

Il virtual surrounds instead, it is an audio system that manages to recreate the same effect, but using only one sound source. It does this by exploiting complex software that tricks the human auditory system creating a kind of audio illusion and making our brain believe that there is a sound coming from behind. The advantage is to have a surround sound using only one speaker, occupying a small space and spending an amount within everyone's reach.

Soundbar: tips and features

There are so many models available and it is not easy to make your choice. Here are some tips for choosing the soundbar best suited to your needs.

Dimensions and where to place it

This factor mainly depends on where the TV is located. If it is placed on a piece of furniture, the soundbar will be placed on the same piece of furniture, in this case its length must be checked to prevent it from coming out. If, on the other hand, the TV is attached to the wall, you will have to opt for a soundbar equipped with a special one wall mount holder.

Active or passive soundbar

  • Una active soundbar it is a ready-to-use model that does not require any kind of modification and can be immediately connected to the TV and put into operation. Most of the models on the market belong to this category and our advice, if you are not an expert in electronics and audio, is to move towards the purchase of an active soundbar.
  • Una passive soundbar on the contrary, it is a model equipped only with speakers and loudspeakers which needs to be customized by adding other essential elements for its functioning, such as the power supply and electronics. Although a passive soundbar offers higher performance than an active one, assembling one is a job fit for skilled hands.

The channels of a soundbar, what they are and he must have

The channel is nothing but the number of speakers of the soundbar. The greater the number of channels, the more enveloping and engaging the reproduced sound will be.

- A soundbar 2.1 (two-channel) includes two speakers, left and right, and usually a subwoofer.

- A soundbar 5.1 (five-channel) includes three front speakers (left, center and right), two rear speakers (surround left and right), and a subwoofer.

There are also soundbars with a higher number of channels, for example with 7 channels which, in addition to the five of the 5.1 soundbar, have two additional rear speakers.

Soundbar Wireless, Bluetooth, which connection to choose

The ways to connect a soundbar to your TV they are different, corded and cordless. Let's see them in detail.

  • HDMI and optical port. If your TV has HDMI port with ARC support simply connect the soundbar using the appropriate HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the television. Otherwise, you will also need to connect an optical digital audio cable. To learn more about the subject, we refer you to this tutorial on Sony site.
  • Bluetooth: to take advantage of the soundbar e play sounds even from smartphones, tablets and computers, you can choose a model equipped with Bluetooth technology.
  • Wi-Fi: Wireless soundbars they connect directly to your home internet connection and they don't need wires. They can play sounds even from portable devices.

Connect the soundbar to your smartphone.

In addition to the remote control, this is possible in many models use your smartphone to control the soundbar. Choose a model compatible with voice assistants popular, so you can take advantage of this option as well.

The best soundbars: cheap offers online

It is possible to buy the best soundbars on the main e-commerce sites and on the online stores of electronics stores. On Best Discounts you will find coupons and discount codes to buy your favorite soundbar at even lower prices on AmazonePriceMediaworldUnieuro o Euronics.

If you are curious to know what they are the best soundbars of 2021, we report below the ranking compiled by the site Techradar. To know the prices click on the models.

The 10 best soundbars of 2021

  1. Sonos arc
  2. Samsung HW-Q950T
  3. Samsung HW-Q90R
  4. Sony HT-X8500
  5. Samsung HW-Q70R
  6. LG Soundbar GX
  7. Sonos Playbar
  8. Sonos Beam
  9. Denon HEOS Bar
  10. LG DSK8
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