The best sites where to buy refurbished smartphones

The offers of the best online stores where you can buy refurbished Android smartphones – Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi – or refurbished iPhones at discounted prices.

Refurbished smartphones: what they are and which online platforms to choose

Let's talk about refurbished smartphones or rather second hand devices that after careful checks to verify the good conditions are placed back on the market and resold to discounted prices.

Before a refurbished product - we are not just talking about smartphones - is marketed again, they are analyzed the perfect integrity and correct functioning of all its components, hardware and software; from the battery, to the processor, up to the camera or the external body, following protocols that vary according to the different platforms on which they are then resold.

The advantages of a refurbished product are many, both for thetechnology – thanks to the sustainable reuse of electronic devices otherwise destined to turn into tons of waste – both for the consumer planet, who can buy templates too top of the range at heavily discounted prices.

Ma how much you save buying a refurbished smartphone? We have tried to answer this question by introducing you to the main platforms offering refurbished products.

Swappie: Refurbished iPhones at discounted prices

Su it is possible to sell or buy a refurbished iPhone at super discounted prices. All phones are professionally tested and repaired in Finland and enjoy the Swappie™ Guarantee included in the price which is valid for 12 months.

Swappie is synonymous with great quality and reliability and the iPhones you find online are like new, but sold at low prices. In addition, if the product does not satisfy you, you have it 14 days to make the return.

Refurbed and Trendevice: the best offers for refurbished electronics is a platform on which to sell or buy refurbished smartphones, tablets and other technological devices. The site specializes mainly in top-of-the-range devices from Apple, Samsung and Huawei, which are subjected to 37 test for the replacement of any damaged parts. e Certainly are refurbished electronics platforms, which it boasts prices up to 40% cheaper. All devices are thoroughly tested before being released to the market and covered by warranty from 12 to 36 months. Available 30 day free trial during which the made free.


Refurbished smartphones: Mediaworld offers

It is also possible to buy refurbished smartphones on the online stores of the main electronics sites. On there is a section dedicated to this type of product which, as stated on the site:

before being put back on sale at a discounted price compared to the normal sale price, it was subjected to a complete series of tests and inspections which certify its perfect functionality and its compliance with market quality standards. The reconditioned product is therefore to be understood as "not new".

For more information on evaluation criteria applied by Mediaworld on reconditioned used you can read , here.

Amazon, ePrice, eBay: all crazy about refurbished smartphones

Even the giants of e-commerce, such as Amazon, ePriceeBay are riding the wave of refurbished devices.

Amazon, for example, offers all kinds of reconditioned, inspected and tested products from qualified suppliers and covered by the Amazon Renewed warranty valid for one year. Smartphones, PCs, tablets, consoles, small appliances, office supplies, this and much more on Amazon Renewed.

OnOutlet ePrice of reconditioned products, there are many items, tested, judged to be perfectly functional and therefore covered by warranty up to 1 year. Smartphones, tablets, TVs, notebooks, appliances and household items, with savings up to 70% on the original price.

Also on eBay there are a myriad of refurbished products protected by one 12 months warranty by the sellers. Not just smartphones, but also wine coolers, induction hobs, espresso machines, dryers, electric brooms and many other products.

Other shops where you can find refurbished products


This German site stands out for its attention to detail in refurbishing devices. They offer high quality electronic products at reasonable prices and promise that their products will look “as good as new”. However, you may find that their product selection is more limited than other sites.


If you are looking for refurbished devices and accessories at affordable prices, reBuy it could be the right place for you. They offer a large selection of electronic products and their refurbishment process is reliable. However, you may find that the selection of phone models is less extensive than on other sites.

Back Market

If you want a site that gives you a feeling of security when buying, Back Market it's for you. They offer a wide variety of refurbished electronics products from certified sellers. Each product has a detailed description of its condition and you can rest assured that you are getting what you paid for. Additionally, they offer a 12-month warranty on all products.

Tomato Smartphone

If you are looking for a site specialized in the sale of refurbished smartphones, Tomato Smartphone it could be for you. They focus exclusively on the sale of refurbished cell phones and offer a wide range of models and brands. Their return policy and standard warranty are solid, but you may need to look elsewhere if you're looking for other electronic devices.

Reconditioned For You

This Italian site offers a variety of refurbished electronic devices, from cell phones to laptops. Their selection may not be as extensive as on other sites, but they offer competitive pricing and a limited warranty on their products.

I buy again

Finally, if you are looking for an Italian solution for the purchase of refurbished products, RiCompro could be your choice. They offer a wide range of refurbished electronic devices, guaranteeing their quality and functionality. However, you may find that their interface and user experience could be improved.

We hope we have provided you with a clear enough overview of the world of smartphones and refurbished products. Before saying goodbye, however, we remind you that Best Discounts are available   e discount codes to shop at all these stores a further reduced prices, take advantage of it!

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