Shein: How to save money on online shopping

How to save on Shein with coupons, sales and codes

Everyone loves shopping online and everyone, at least once, has wondered how to save money on Shein.

Shein is one of the most popular and loved online shopping portals due to a wide selection of products including clothing, shoes, accessories of all kinds, at relatively affordable prices and a huge choice of different styles and trends, easy to spot thanks to the categories. 

In this article we are interested in understanding whether you can save on Shein and the answer is yes, followed by the good news that sees other forms of savings than coupons; these are different tricks to be used in combination with each other to be able to save up to 80% of the expense, if you are good at grasping the "carpe diem". 

We've compiled all these Shein money-saving tricks into a list, and we're sure some you haven't tried yet; get ready to make your online shopping even more satisfying!

How to save on Shein with coupons, sales and codes

The first tip for saving, in general when shopping online but also in stores, is to pay attention to the items on sale: the periods of the year in which the nationwide sales begin are January and July, but during the shops apply more or less important discounts throughout the year, and Shein even boasts a specific category dedicated only to discounted products. Finding them, therefore, is easy and often you save a lot, especially on units of which only one size or color remains available. Furthermore, on the Shein website you often find some flash offers with limited time; keep an eye on the homepage and as soon as you find an active one, take advantage. 

Points are another way to save on Shein: several online stores make use of points programs, which allow the user to accumulate a certain number of points each time he makes a purchase. When you reach a certain threshold, which usually ranges from 100 and up, you get a reward (on Shein it's called USD) which you can use to pay up to 70% of the total order. In addition to increasing points through purchases, you acquire more if you verify your personal data, leave comments or reviews on purchases, if you share outfits or participate in competitions. Remember to use Shein points as soon as you have them available, because they are governed by a deadline beyond which they are no longer valid. 

You will already know the discount codes, and if you are on our site for sure you also know how to use them and how they work. For those who have never used it yet, just know that the discount codes make you save on the total cart or on shipping costs, and in summary it is a string of numbers and letters to be inserted in the appropriate section on the cart page (Usually). 

In addition to the discount codes and coupons made available by the various portals including ours, you can find others by following the influencers, who often unbox Shein packages on Youtube or Instagram, and leave personal discount codes for followers.  

Shein coupons can be searched on Google but can also be found on the Shein site itself, which sometimes brings up time codes on the home page to be seized on the fly. 

Updated Shein discount codes

How to save on Shein: free trial and shipping 

Did you know that you can get Shein products for free? You can get this benefit by using the trial center, a section of the site where you can log in to get free products. Needless to say, being a goal coveted by anyone, access is difficult, but our advice is to give it a try anyway.

La Free Shipping it's a nice advantage, and to get it you can implement various tactics: first of all, registering for the first time on the portal, since new users do not pay shipping on their first purchase. If you are already a customer, don't get discouraged and pay attention to Sundays, days in which, throughout the year, Shein could make free shipping available just like that, at random, without any notice.

Shipping costs are also bypassed by exceeding the minimum amount of the order, and we know it's not difficult given that the trend on online shopping portals is to fill the cart endlessly. In the end, subscribe to the newsletter.  

How to save on Shein with gift cards and newsletters

Gift cards are an excellent gift to give to others but also to yourself: do you know that they have a higher value than what you are actually going to pay for?

Convenient, keep them in mind. 

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