Gaming chairs: features, prices and online offers

What characteristics must a perfect gaming chair have? Which brands and models to choose? Where to shop online to get the best deals? Find all the answers in this article

What are gaming chairs: characteristics and differences from common chairs

Let's start with the basics: what exactly is a gaming chair and what differentiates it from an office chair. Ergonomics, comfort, support and style: one gaming chair it is designed to respond, more or less adequately, to these four characteristics.

ERGONOMICS. Must have a ergonomic profile, to better adapt to the shape of the body, providing adjustments that allow you to customize the ergonomic qualities of the backrest and other parts of the chair according to the characteristics of the person occupying it.

COMFORT. Considering it's designed to be sat on for many hours a day it must be comfortable, providing padding in strategic points to avoid tingling or pain during or after a game session.

SUPPORT. It must be able to support more weight and provide a adequate support to the parts most subject to stress, first the spine and legs, keeping the body in the correct position. To do this, take advantage of some technical devices such as:

  • lower lumbar support
  • neck headrest
  • angle of inclination of the backrest
  • padding of the armrests and the leg rest area 
  • ergonomic profile

DESIGN. The last aspect that distinguishes a gaming chair from an office chair is the design. You will have noticed that they have a captivating style, bright and gaudy colors and aerodynamic shapes.

Cheap gaming chairs: average prices and quality

Let's start from a basic assumption: for those who spend a lot of time in front of PCs or consoles, whether they are professional gamers or simple enthusiasts, the chair represents a fundamental good, no less important than a good graphics card or a very high resolution screen.

When you buy a computer, a smartphone or any other technological device price is a key factor, but if you want a quality product you can't settle for the cheapest offer or the super bargain price. The same goes for gaming chairs, the cost of which varies according to the quality. We can distinguish 4 price/quality ranges:

  • €50-€100 range low quality, suitable for those who play occasionally 
  • €100-€200 range fair quality, for novice players
  • €200-€300 range good quality, for passionate gamers
  • over € 300 high quality, chairs designed with high-level materials and adjustment mechanisms that allow extreme customization.

The best brands of gaming chairs: online offers 

It is possible to buy a gaming chair online, on the stores of the main e-commerce and electronics stores, such as Amazon, eBay, Mediaworld, Euronics e Unieuro. On Best discounts you will find e discount codes to buy your gaming chair at even lower prices in any of these shops.

Le top brands that we advise you to buy are: Vertagear, Akracing, GT OMEGA, NobleChairs, NewSkill, DXRacer, Sparco Gaming, Diablo, Arozzi and ThunderX3. If you are curious to know what they are i best models of 2020, we report below the ranking compiled by the site

The 10 best gaming chair models 2020

1. secret lab titan

2. NobleChairs Epic Real Leather

3. Autonomous ErgoChair 2

4. SecretLab Omega 2020

5. NobleChairs Hero gaming chair Black Edition

6. Corsair T2 Road Warrior

7. NobleChairs Icon gaming chair

8.Edge GX1

9. Vertagear Gaming Series Trigger 350 Special Edition

10. Corsair T3

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