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iPhone 14 Pro Discounted

The new iPhone 14 Pro is a real revolution in the field of smartphones. Thanks to the use of an advanced chip, this device offers superior performance compared to any other model currently on the market. New safety feature can save lives. Furthermore, the interface is simple and intuitive, allowing easy and immediate use of the telephone.

The device

The new iPhone 14 Pro, a concentrate of advanced technology and innovation. Equipped with the most powerful smartphone CPU, this device allows you to perform any task quickly and efficiently. His camera allows you to capture every moment with extreme precision, while the Face ID function guarantees you unparalleled protection.

The camera

The camera design is amazing, with a 48MP lens. The quality of the photo is extraordinary, with incredible detail. There are three shooting mode: normal, portrait and landscape. You can also record 4K video at 60fps.

The hardware

iPhone 14 Pro features a chip A13 Bionic, the most powerful ever used in a smartphone. This ensures high performance in any situation: from web browsing to playing 4K video, up to the use of advanced applications.

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