SEPHORA Black Friday discounts: What to buy and how to save

Sephora's Black Friday starts every year a little earlier than the Friday officially dedicated to discounts.

Everyone knows – and probably loves – Sephora: a huge physical and online shop dedicated to perfumery and make-up, not to mention the accessories dedicated to beauty and personal care of every brand and price range. Shopping at Sephora is satisfying all year round but it becomes even more so in view of Black Friday Sephora, when the shop offers flash offers, pre-Christmas discounts and opportunities to buy gift boxes and products from the best brands at favorable prices. 

Il Sephora Black Friday leaves every year a little earlier on the Friday officially dedicated to discounts (which this year will be the 25th and tends to always fall on the last Friday of November), and therefore it is easy to find interesting price reductions starting from the previous weeks, offers that continue for the Cyber ​​Monday (the Monday after Black Friday) and the end of the month, until merging with i sales for the period immediately after Christmas

Sephora's discounts on Black Friday are really worth it if you want to renew your beauty case or think about gifts, because you can find discounted prices on many different and usually expensive brands with discount percentages of up to 25%, 30%. 

In addition to the reduced prices, the Sephora discount codes valid on some products in the catalog or brand come in handy, which you can find both on the Sephora website and on Best Discounts in the section dedicated to beauty. 

On the Sephora website during the Black Friday period it is also possible to take advantage of timed discounts, the so-called Flash Sales, lasting a few hours with super advantageous discounts to grab without thinking twice. 

Keep an eye on the Sephora site as well to know the start of promos dedicated to Black Friday and all associated initiatives with relative duration.

What to buy on Black Friday Sephora

Makeup collection 

At Sephora you will find many brands to choose from suitable for every pocket and need: there are professional and expensive brands like others dedicated to the very young, or the capsule collections signed by singers and actresses. 

If some Sephora products are prohibitive, be sure that with Black Friday shopping becomes light and fun, and you can buy the must-have pieces at advantageous prices to create the perfect make-up, starting from long-lasting lipsticks and mascara, or an excellent concealer to create the basis of more or less demanding make-ups. 

Get the must-haves or the complete line of your favorite brand while also taking advantage of the discounts on box sets and combos of products sold in pairs, often declined in gift packages with Christmas packaging.

Skin products 

Daily skin care is essential, so take advantage of Sephora's Black Friday to buy products dedicated to skin care, especially vegan or organic ones, which normally have a higher cost compared to a natural composition and specific characteristics for every type of need . 

Tonics, cleansing milk, illuminating serums, moisturizing creams, choose the best discounted brands and stock up, since sealed products can also be used after some time, just pay attention to the expiry date (which usually ranges from 6 to 12 months after opening). 


Keep an eye on the latest releases but also on the great classics: Black Friday Sephora is an unrepeatable opportunity to take a tour of the large perfume department in search of the fragrance of your dreams, the price of which could be high in normal times but definitely within reach of your pockets in sales time. 

Gift ideas for Christmas 

Boxes of all kinds to give gifts to friends and family, with packaging designed to make a good impression without even having to use paper for the package. Giving make-up to a make-up enthusiast is an excellent idea, if you are looking for something professional for make-up artist friends, do an online search to find out about the trends of the moment and choose the must-haves, or the fundamental products, possibly with best reviews and matching the recipient's hair color and skin tone. 

Save with discount codes 

Black Friday becomes even more convenient with i Sephora discount codes that you find on our site: look for them in the beauty section and save even more on your next shopping trip!

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