How to choose the best fan: online offers and discount codes

What features and functions must a fan have? Everything you need to know and the best online stores to buy a fan at discounted prices, thanks to the Best Discounts discount codes.

It was you who at the end of last summer promised yourself to buy a new fan? As they say, a promise is a debt, or rather, in this case it's a favor you should do yourself before the big heat arrives. Don't worry, we'll help you. 

In this article, we will show you the features main points to consider when choosing a fan ei discount codes to save on your purchase. Read it to the end, the information you will find there could be very useful to you.

How to choose the best fan model

Summer is upon us and in order not to be caught unprepared, the time has come buy a fan, which allows you to survive the heat. If you haven't installed an air conditioner in your home, the best alternative to defend yourself from the heat are fans.

There are various types: ceiling, column, bladeless, tabletop, portable, etc. In this article we will focus on the most popular model and simple to buy online: the pedestal fan

Pedestal fan: features and functions

  • BASE It can be round or made up of four crossed feet, on which the rod that connects it to the blades is inserted.
  • ASTA. Our advice is to buy a fan with adjustable rod, which allow the air flow to be directed better, allowing you to cool points that fixed rod fans cannot reach. 
  • PALE. From the diameter of the blades derive both the level of noisiness, be there amount of air generated. With the same power (and consumption), large blades are generally more silent and produce more intense air flows.
  • PROTECTIVE CAGE. The structure, usually metallic, which protects the blades it can have a grid with more or less large meshes. The larger the holes, the more airflow will pass through. However, especially if there are children in the house, there is a risk of someone poking their fingers inside the cage while the fan is running. Weigh the choice according to your needs, looking for a compromise between grid width and safety. 
  • ROTATION ANGLE. The magnitude of the angle of horizontal rotation of the blades will determine the amplitude of the area reached by the fan in its movement from right to left. They range from an angle of just 50°, for the simplest and cheapest models, to one of 180° for the most complete models. Some fans even allow you to adjust the vertical inclination of the shovels. 
  • ROTATIONAL SPEED. The more speeds you can select, the more comfortable (and quality) the fan will be.
  • INTEGRATED PROGRAMS. Some fans are equipped with special programs, such as breeze mode, which generates a jet of air with increasing intensity o la night mode, which produces a light and low-noise airflow.
  • REMOTE CONTROL. A practical remote control allows you to start the fan remotely. The function is very convenient when sitting on the sofa or at night.
  • TIMER. It allows to program switching on and off of the fan. 
  • COMFORT. The possibility of being able disassemble, to carry e put comfortably the fan is another factor to take into consideration, especially if the space in the house is limited and if you need to transport it often. Even the weight, from this point of view, plays a role to consider and should not exceed i 5 kg

Other models and types of fans

  • Ceiling fans: they consist of rotating blades attached to the ceiling and depending on the direction of rotation set, they manage to convey the air flow from top to bottom or from bottom to top.  
  • Column fans (without blades): also called tower fans, rest on the ground, have a vertical development and are without blades, which makes them more silent of traditional fans. The air flow is generated by a rotating cylinder placed inside the column.
  • Table fans: they are not equipped with a rod and can be placed on any horizontal surface as needed.  

Price: how much does a pedestal fan cost?

A medium-low price range is included between 30 and 50 Euros. More complex models equipped with different functions can exceed 100 Euros, even arriving at 200 Euros for top-of-the-range models. 

Where to buy a fan online

Regardless of the model you choose, the fans are on sale on the main e-commerce platforms and in online stores specializing in the sale of household appliances.

Below, we offer you one store list where it is possible to find different models of fans produced by Best brands a advantageous prices. Use i discount codes that you find on Best Discounts (the links are given below) to get a further savings on these online stores.

Do not forget to check periodically the presence of special offers on our site and to take advantage of the discount codes of the shop where you intend to make the purchase.

15 online shops where to buy a fan

To find out the discount codes available, click on the shop you are interested in, copy the discount code and paste it during the purchase.

  7. ARIES
  10. EBAY
  14. QVC
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