Samsung Buds Pro earphones: offers, discounts and features

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones are the perfect gift for anyone who loves high quality music. Check out the features.

- earphones bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro they're the perfect gift for anyone who loves high quality music with added use smart thanks to the bluetooth connection.
Samsung takes another step forward with this new model of earphones, proposing a new generation of headphones even more advanced and with many different functions, useful for making the listening experience unique and satisfying. Let's find out and see how much they cost, and finally how to save money with the discount codes on our site.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones

The first interesting feature of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro bluetooth earphones concerns the functions, among all the active noise cancellation, which allows you to isolate the listening when you are in crowded places such as public transport or on the street. Depending on the intensity of the noise to be covered, you can choose between a high or low level of insulation; the noise is completely canceled with the high level and therefore completely cleans the music from the interference of external noises. 

Another interesting function is the Ambient Sound mode, which allows you to listen to what is happening around us even if we are wearing headphones. Thanks to the presence of the option Voice Detect, the transition between active cancellation and ambient sound is automatically managed through the app. In simple terms, it means you can isolate yourself while listening to music, but if you start a conversation, the headphones recognize your voice and enter Ambient Sound mode, to allow you to carry on the conversation without removing the earphones or switching them off. 

In any case, the headphones are able to reset themselves independently in the mode noise cancellation after a certain number of seconds in which they do not hear you speak, and the time interval for the switch is decided by you through the customizable settings. 

This is a plus that will certainly be appreciated by those who use headphones practically throughout the day, wherever they are: if, for example, you are on crowded public transport, you can isolate yourself from the outside and switch to listening mode only if you talk to someone, all automatically and without removing the headphones from your ears.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro design

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro bluetooth earphones follow the shape of the ear to ensure comfortable use; they are inserted through a slight rotation to adapt immediately, also resulting in a pleasant design. L'appearance overall it is minimal and modern, with a glossy finish and matte packaging resistant to scratches and wear, which serves to protect the headphones in a bag, pocket or backpack but also to recharge them.

Compared to previous models, the earphones bluetooth Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro boast increased water resistance up to one meter; Although we do not recommend wearing them during a dive, they can be used when exercising or walking in the rain.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro technology

The sound quality is surprising thanks to the full bass and crystalline highs that make music reproduction perfect, thanks also to the achievement of a high maximum volume, with the possibility of choosing the equalization from the app among the 6 presets.

Call performance is also good, thanks to the stability of the Bluetooth connection with the phone up to twenty meters - barring obstacles; call quality remains in line with other Samsung headset models.
In this model was also introduced theSamsung Bixby assistant, which can be operated with a voice command and used to balance audio between the right and left earphones, making it easier for hearing-impaired users to hear.

As for the duration of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, out of the case, 5 hours of music playback and 4 of conversation on the phone are declared, for a total of 12 hours.

Touch technology

With a single tap on the headset you can pause and resume music playback where you left off; with two taps you go to the next track or close or open a call. By pressing from 1 to 3 seconds, functions such as those we have seen so far can be adjusted, including the volume of one headset and the other. If you already have a Samsung smartphone or a Samsung account, it's easier to connect the devices to each other automatically, thus avoiding manually selecting the source; this is perhaps the only flaw of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, but still of little importance.
They will still be able to connect to devices from other brands and adjust functions and synchronizations manually whenever you need to.

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Discount codes for Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earphones

In addition to the headphones with their case, in the package you will find three pairs of ear tips and a USB cable for wireless charging and fast charging, which allows you to get an hour of use in just 5 minutes. 

You can choose the color variants black, silver and lilac for a price of € 229,00, higher than the other Samsung wireless headphones models but in line with the features supplied, which have nothing to envy to the top of the range and high-end headphones. 

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