Backpacks, cases and stationery for back to school: discount codes to buy them online

What are the essential accessories for a return to school in style.

September is back, and with it the fateful moment of back to school: a moment in which the boys live full of nostalgia for the summer that has just ended in spite of their parents, often animated by a feeling of joy mixed with relief. 

On both sides, however, the main concern in the weeks before returning to school remains only one, that is to get all the accessories needed to start the school year; give it backpack to pencil cases up to chancellery, the choice of school supplies it's an excellent opportunity to go shopping with your children and take advantage of the convenience of online purchases, on which you can use discount vouchers and coupons to save money. 

In this article we see what are the essential accessories for a return to school in style, and also a series of online stores where it is possible to exploit the discount codes made available by our portal. 

The must-have accessories for back to school

For children, choosing stationery, notebooks and everything that has to do with school is fun, because going back to school with new accessories mint is a satisfying feeling that has the power to ease at least a little the sadness about the end of summer. 

It will be essential to prepare a list to remember what to buy, and based on that to go in search of the right accessories: from more or less big names to cartoons, the first essential accessory in our - and your - list is the backpack

The backpack is an accessory that can be used for up to two, three years, depending on the conditions in which it is kept; it is also true that fashions are volatile and fleeting, and therefore it is very likely that your child, especially if small, will make a different request every year; for older children or teenagers, on the other hand, the ideal solution is a backpack model resistant to both wear and fashion, such as the timeless backpacks Eastpak, Invicta o Seven, which offer patterns or solid colors with a recognizable design that is always in step with the times. In any case, the best backpack regardless of the brand is the one that guarantees comfort and sturdiness, with strong and adjustable shoulder straps, an ergonomic backrest, pockets and zippers in the right place that help optimize space and organize the contents in a certain order. Better to choose dark colors that get less dirty and resistant fabrics that are machine washable and easy to dry.

Pencil case

Immediately after the backpack you have to think about thepencil case, an indispensable piece of school kit, to be purchased already equipped with stationery or to be filled. For the little ones, it is preferable to choose a model with a zip and various compartments, where you can store colors and pens in the specific sections, to help them always keep everything close at hand. For older children, a medium-sized sachet model is fine, to be filled with the basic accessories (pencil, pens, eraser and sharpener). Patterns, fabrics and prices depend on the various models and brands, but even here we are sure that kids already have clear ideas on which ones to choose.

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The diary

Nothing is as personal as the school diary, much more than a series of pages on which to mark homework; the diary is the school accessory par excellence, guardian of memories and dedications (hopefully not of disciplinary notes), and therefore must be chosen carefully. Beyond the different subjects, signatures and characters, a good diary will have a hard cover or in any case resistant to various shocks, considering that it will have to last a whole year. The pages can be squared, lined or blank, as long as there is enough space to write and leave some space for drawings, dedications and various stickers.

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Lunch Box and thermal bottle

Both accessories make a snack or lunch more cheerful and help keep food better in the backpack. The lunch box they can be of various shapes and colors, have built-in cutlery or different trays to fill; the important thing is that they are robust and resistant, and keep the food inside protected from sudden changes in temperature. They are easy to open but have effective, leak-proof closing systems, so you can put any type of food inside them, from pasta to sandwiches, without the risk of the backpack getting dirty. There thermal bottle it is made of aluminum, therefore durable and resistant, designed to keep drinks hot or cold inside, from tea to water to fruit juice. There are large and small thermal bottles, monochrome or with colorful and cheerful prints, unbreakable and with a pleasant design, easy to fill and wash.

Stationery and notebooks

Besides pens and pencils, indispensable, you are spoiled for choice regarding markers, colored pencils e notebooks: the important thing is to arrive on the first day of school with a full case and a sufficient number of notebooks to be allocated to the various subjects. Then there are the more specific accessories, such as compasses and squares for technical drawing, sketchbooks or tempera colours; in this case, you can buy the necessary items calmly, once the teacher has provided the students with a precise list.

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Almost all physical stores offer the possibility of buy online, the perfect solution in case you are short on time; by purchasing online you can also take advantage e good discounts which allow you to save on the final price of the products in the cart.

In this list you will find a series of shops where to buy everything you need for school, from backpacks to lunch boxes: 

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