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The sales only come twice a year, sadly, so how do you save on clothes, accessories and miscellaneous products during the rest of the year?

The sales only come twice a year, sadly, so how do you save on clothes, accessories and miscellaneous products during the rest of the year?

The answer is simple: with the used app, fashion of second-hand and buying and selling.

You've certainly heard of Vinted or, but there are many others on the play store ready to be downloaded: with online shopping apps, savings are tangible, you get good deals and transactions are secure, to the point that the vast majority of people use them to earn some extra money or clean out the house or closet at no cost.

And then it's fun! Everyone likes online shopping, just as everyone likes to achieve a goal at zero cost and effort. With the online shopping appin fact, you just need to take a picture of the product you want to sell, fix the price and reply to whoever contacts you. If you want to buy, on the other hand, there's no need to explain how to shop online, so make yourself comfortable and go peek into the sellers' closets in search of the purchase of the month.

What are the main buying and selling apps used in Italy

By now, trading apps are popping up like mushrooms, some have become very popular over the years and are now synonymous with used online. Let's see which are the best known!


Vinted is certainly the most famous and current, just see how much it bombards us with advertisements even on TV. It was born as an app for the sale and purchase of used items, especially clothes and accessories, even if you can find other types of objects. Browsing the app you can peek into the users' "closets", contact the seller and propose the price with private negotiation in chat. The payment method is safe, so both for buying and for selling you are in an iron barrel.

Of pop

Similar to Vinted, Depop also offers a reliable online shopping system based on browsing users' wardrobes if you buy, on creating your own if you sell. Take a photo of the item you want to sell, choose the price and wait for the right buyer. 


Shpock is the online flea market. What's better than browsing through objects at flea markets? Doing it from the comfort of your home, of course. On Shpock, in addition to second-hand clothes and fashion, you will find many furnishing items, which you can buy and sell in a few simple clicks.


Wallapop has followed the path of Vinted, sponsoring itself with advertising everywhere, but it hasn't had the same success as its rival: it's an online flea market that doesn't differ too much in terms of mode with other apps, the difference is that you can see what has been placed for sale nearby, so you hand deliver instead of spending money on shipping


Xtribe is an Italian online buying and selling app and in fact a large part of the public is Italian, which certainly favors interaction at the time of buying and selling. Through the app it is possible to buy but also to exchange and rent, for even more substantial savings and a varied and fun way of interacting.

Who does not know One of the most famous trading platforms in Italy, offers a huge catalog of second-hand products put up for sale by users, and you really are spoiled for choice. A supplied app, easy to scroll through and full of ideas for a quick sale.

Tips for selling

They are few but effective:

• Take good quality photos, illuminated and without background;

• Buyer care, with quick responses and well-packaged deliveries;

• Read the app and community rules thoroughly before selling/buying.

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