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The change of season is always a good opportunity to go shopping, to renew your wardrobe or add what is missing.

The change of season is always a good opportunity to go shopping, to renew your wardrobe or add what is missing. Autumn is a transitional season, which offers days of warm sunshine, alternating with the first glimpses of winter; to face it in the best way you really need to dress "onion", as they say, but putting style first and playing with colors and fabrics, to create outfits that are always different and fashionable.

Before embarking on wild shopping, which is good and right, the advice is to open the wardrobe and do a check, to get a little clearer ideas about what you have and what is missing, and what type of purchases you have to make both in terms of clothes and accessories to complete any look. 

To make your shopping easier, we'll give you some tips on autumn's must-haves, i.e. those items that can't be missing in your wardrobe, and at the end of the article, we'll leave you a list of online stores where you can go shopping, obviously taking advantage of the coupons and discount codes that you'll find in the links.

The essential items of the autumn wardrobe

We all have items of clothing suitable for all seasons in our wardrobe, the so-called basic items that are useful for building the basis of different outfits. First of all a white shirt, which can be a simple t-shirt or a shirt, or a tank top: ribbed, smooth, soft or close-fitting, tank top or short or long sleeves, it doesn't matter, it can match the entire color palette existing and this is its magical power. The more basic the white shirt is, the easier it becomes to interpret it with different styles, combining it with jeans as well as skirts or trousers, or to be used under a jacket; white is the passepartout color par excellence together with black (we'll see it shortly) and if your closet is out of stock put it at the top of your next purchase list. You'll see how many times it will come in handy, and in how many different contexts!

Leather jacket

Autumn is the ideal season to show off the leather jacket, one of those garments that wins collective favor because they are versatile, timeless and available in many different colors and variants: from the classic biker model to those in colored leather, from studs to embroideries, from zippers to a jacket-like cut, a nice leather jacket can't be missing from your wardrobe. In addition to being easy to match, it's perfect to take with you on those days when the sun feels good but when the evening falls it starts to get cooler; choose a model for mid-seasons, not too heavy but sufficient to protect you from the wind, and have fun combining it with jeans, skirts and dresses depending on the occasion. 

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Furs (strictly ecological)

Another mid-season garment that has been in vogue for some years now and destined to occupy a permanent place in the wardrobe is the ecological fur, an outerwear that will make even the simplest outfit sophisticated and glamorous. We are not talking about real jackets, rather about outerwear to be worn over dresses and trousers to complete the look with originality; you can find them in all colours, shapes and cuts, so they are easy to combine and very trendy.

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little black dress

Everyone knows that in a women's wardrobe it can't - indeed, it shouldn't! – missing a black dress, both in the summer and in the cold. 

The perfect autumn black little dress is a sheath dress with long sleeves, a knee-length skirt, not too elegant but not banal either, to be worn with heels but also with low boots, if desired with stockings and a jacket on top, even in leather to give character to a basic outfit. The smooth black suit without too many details allows you to create all kinds of combinations and you can enrich it with accessories: just change the jacket or the type of shoe to get a day and an evening style, in fact, versatility is the its strong point. The so-called little black dress is a real wardrobe joker and you absolutely cannot do without it: if you really don't like basic models, we recommend a dress decorated with lace and transparencies on the sleeves and neckline, to show off during the day but also at evening with a nice high heel, impeccable make-up and hair.

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The colors of the autumn wardrobe

Every self-respecting wardrobe must contain basic items in neutral colors such as white, black, gray and brown, essential for creating more elegant or classic outfits, perfect for when you go to work or go out in your free time. The closer the cold gets, however, the more difficult it is to resist the color, especially the warm ones that revive the complexion once you say goodbye to the summer tan; the colors par excellence of autumn are soft, intense and easy to match like brown in all its forms, from caramel to chocolate, and then ocher or golden yellow, grape marc and burgundy. A color palette clearly inspired by vineyards and foliage, which will make the approach of winter a little less sad.

If your wardrobe is all about black and you don't like showing off too strong colors, then focus on accessories: a nice autumn must-have is definitely the wide-brimmed hat, sophisticated and original, but also bags, especially shoulder straps such as backpacks, and belts. All these accessories can spice up monochromatic looks with a touch of cheerfulness, think of a nice belt cinched at the waist on a little black dress or a yellow or red bag to use during the day, even to go to work: think about it!

Autumn shopping with coupons

We have seen what the must haves of the season are, now all that remains is to go shopping! Take a (virtual) tour of the online stores on our list, where you can use coupons and vouchers to save on the total amount of your cart or on some products, depending on the type of discount. 

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