Purina One cat food: offers, discounts and features

Make your cat's diet tasty and balanced with Purina One. Discover the best food based on your cat's nutritional needs.

When it comes to our four-legged friends, quality is never enough, especially when it comes to food. Purina One is a brand that has been dealing with food for years cats, both dry and wet, designed with the aim of making the cat's diet tasty and balanced, paying particular attention to its specific needs.
Let's see what types of kibbles exist and which ones to choose based on your cat's nutritional needs; finally, a series of online portals where you can buy products with Purina discount codes and stock up. Enjoy the reading!

Characteristics of Purina One cat food

Purina One products are part of a very wide range of proposals dedicated to our four-legged friends, especially cats, who need to be followed in their supply in a careful way, both to avoid the onset of health problems in the course of life but also to make them grow healthy and strong.
Purina uses only high quality ingredients such as tuna, chicken and beef, and the formulas of the various dry and wet foods are designed to meet specific nutritional needs, to be chosen based on the age of the cat and its state of health . 

In addition to excellent quality meat and fish, Purina One uses vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the formulation of its products that help improve the life of the cat from the time it is a puppy. A complete, balanced and nutrient-rich diet is necessary for the cat to grow strong and healthy, helping to counteract the onset of more or less important health problems.

Purina One for your cat: which one to choose

There are many variations of Purina One products for cats, from food umido to that dry, with different tastes and above all designed to assist your furry friend in every stage of growth and help him, as well as stay fit, also to keep his coat shiny and his bones strong. 

  • Purina One Bifensis are croquettes designed for sterilized cats, based on meat and whole grains; neutered cats tend to gain weight more than others, therefore this formulation is indicated to provide them with all the nutritional elements they need but with a lower calorie intake. 
  • Purina One Dual Nature is the type of dry food for cats available in different flavors and with the addition of spirulina, a precious natural alga rich in nutritional properties. To make them even more pleasant to the taste, the croquettes come in two different consistencies. 
  • Purina One Bifensis Sterilcat it is available in both dry and wet food versions, and is a complete food designed for sterilized adult cats; contains L-carnitine and promotes high levels of energy thanks to the presence of proteins that support lean mass, thus helping you to keep your weight under control.

In addition to everyday food products, Purina One has also thought of solutions to support the cat's immune system and whet its appetite, such as fillets in sauce suitable for even the most delicate palates.

Why it's important to choose the right food for your cat

The cat is a carnivorous animal, so its diet must include meat and fish, which contain the same vitamins and substances it would eat in nature. Like humans, cats need to follow a diet rich in different components based on proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, which are used to maintain strength and energy and avoid the onset of more or less serious problems and pathologies , also related to weight gain or malnutrition. 

Especially in the growth phase, the cat needs proteins and taurine, a component present only in animal products; without taurine the cat could run into serious health problems related to the heart and eyesight, so make sure that she takes it only and exclusively through products formulated for her diet. 

Remember that the main ingredient in cat food must be meat or fish, so read the labels and choose products that use high-quality foods. In addition to quality, taste is also important, because eating is not just for nourishment and this is good for humans as well as for animals. Offering your cat a food he loves is a good way to get him used to eating on a regular basis and will help you establish an even deeper bond with him, especially when you reward him with particularly tasty treats!

The right food is also chosen based on the stage of life crossed by the cat; after weaning, i.e. from two months onwards, puppies are in the growth phase in which they need energy and lots of protein.

An adult cat that has not been sterilized over a period of time ranging from 1 to 10 years must maintain a balanced diet to regulate its weight, therefore it will no longer need fatty or energy foods but protein, yes. 

A neutered adult cat needs to follow a special diet, as after the operation the metabolism needs to readjust and energy requirements will decrease, even if the cat will feel hungrier as a result. To prevent him from becoming overweight but at the same time ensure that he is nourished in the right way, products that contain a lot of fiber are indicated. 

So, in summary, the type of food to choose for the cat depends on the stage of life it is going through and the reproductive state; Purina One offers various proposals designed to meet the needs of cats of all breeds and ages, giving you the security of a safe and reliable product, guaranteed by Purina's many years of experience in the pet food sector.

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