Mobile phone holder for bikes and motorcycles, where to buy them

Carrying a cell phone on a bike or motorbike is a good idea, as long as it is done in extreme safety for you and for others

Do you like riding a bike or are you an inveterate biker who can't give up road trips? Then there is an accessory that inevitably must be part of your equipment; we are talking about the mobile phone holder for bikes and motorbikes. By now we are used to taking the smartphone everywhere, especially when traveling or on the road, its importance for orientation is undoubted, thanks to the precious maps and route apps.

Carrying a cell phone on a bike or motorbike is therefore a good idea, provided you do it in extreme safety for yourself and for others: for this reason it is advisable to get a solid, reliable cell phone holder that fits firmly on the handlebars of the vehicle and resists to jolts even on the most difficult roads. 

In this article we are going to see which mobile phone holder models to choose for bikes and motorbikes, and how to take advantage of the purchase with the discount coupons available on the various portals. 

Mobile phone holder for bikes

Anyone who loves cycling not only in the city but also outside, between mountain paths, dirt roads or in the middle of nature knows how important the solidity of a mobile phone holder is, which must be able to absorb shocks in the best possible way and protect the mobile phone from jolts but also earth, any splashes of mud and rain. 

The most popular bike phone holder model on the market is made up of a plastic clip and a clamp, which allows you to hook it to the handlebar and at the same time keep the phone firmly in place while you're on the go. This type of accessory adapts to most of the smartphones on sale and is convenient, because it allows you to orient the screen in the direction you prefer; the fixing is also very secure, the only advice we give you is to check the dimensions of the phone before purchasing, so you can be sure of compatibility with the device. 

Then there are some bike smartphone holders equipped with a universal bracket, which consist of a frame to be attached to the handlebar and are made of plastic or metal, but they can also have a silicone strap which serves to better fix the mobile phone to the holder. The "pro" models also offer plastic protection, a sort of transparent case that protects the phone screen from rain. 

To choose the model suitable for your bike, check the compatibility of the dimensions of the holder with your mobile phone, then evaluate the solidity of the hook and possibly the waterproof case, useful for not being surprised by sudden bad weather when you are out and about.

Some shops where you can buy with discounts

Motorcycle smartphone holder

If you ride a motorcycle you'll be used to exciting road trips and constant use of your phone, not only to take great pictures but also to keep an eye on roads, maps and routes. Even more than the bike, the motorbike needs a super-strong support, resistant to asphalt and above all to high-speed wind.

This is why the coupling system must offer stable and fixed clamps, it is better to avoid motorcycle mobile phone holder models with spring mechanisms and prefer silicone ones, because they filter engine vibrations better than plastic and metal.

Evaluate a waterproof model to increase the degree of safety during your travels, especially if you are used to traveling often, even for long distances and sudden bad weather, but also to avoid getting caught out on the road by bad weather.

The most professional motorcycle phone holder models are those that have undergone a test drive on the track or on the road, necessary to evaluate the degree of resistance of the components; safety and reliability are fundamental requirements that you cannot leave to chance, so we advise you to spend a little more to be sure of an accessory capable of perfectly fulfilling its function. 

Even better if you choose a motorcycle phone holder model that allows you to rotate the phone and can be placed in a point that leaves a clear view of the road, does not distract you or force you to lower your head to look at the screen., and does not give problems when you have to steer in curves. 

To be on the safe side with the dimensions, before buying the mobile phone holder, measure the diameter of the handlebar of the motorcycle in order to choose the clamp with an excellent grip.

If you still don't have a bicycle or motorcycle mobile phone holder, it's time to buy one: you don't need to be a full-time cyclist or biker to take advantage of such an accessory, useful in all situations, from travel to walks in nature or travel between cities. 

Choose the most suitable model for the bike or motorcycle taking into account reliability and robustness, and save on the final price by taking advantage of the coupons from specialized shops: 

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