Dog pools: models, features, online offers and discount codes

What characteristics must a perfect swimming pool for dogs have? Everything you need to know and the best online stores where you can buy a swimming pool for your four-legged friend at discounted prices, thanks to the Best Discounts discount codes.

Unlike humans, dogs are unable to regulate your own temperature body through sweating and for this suffer from the heat much more than us. In this perspective, the dog pools they represent an ideal solution to give a little refreshment to our four-legged friends during the summer.

There are various solutions on the market, which adapt somewhat to all situations, even to those who have space problems. In this article we will give you some advice on how to choose the pool for dogs best suited to your needs, considering size, shape, materials and many other factors.

Finally, we will give you access to discount codes to buy the pool for dogs you have chosen (or other products of your liking) directly on best online stores specialized, so save further on the original price. Always check the availability of offers and discount codes on Best Discounts before making an online purchase because it's convenient for you!

Types of pools for dogs: rigid, inflatable, collapsible

We are talking about above ground pools, the most practical and least invasive solution (also from an economic point of view) compared to underground ones. They are also simpler to assemble and can be answered easily during the winter or when not in use. There are different types.

Inflatable dog pools

They are the most economic and have the advantage of being able to be inflated only when necessary. Easy to store, because they take up minimal space, they have the disadvantage of being more fragile and less resistant. The main risk is that they are torn by the animals' nails.

Hard dog pools

Much more fresh of the inflatables, they are often equipped with a exhaust valve from which to drain the water after each use. However, rigid pools have the disadvantage of being more bulky. Not being able to fold them up, they could be a problem for those who don't have enough space at home.

Collapsible dog pools

Very popular and widespread, they are a middle between the first two. I am fresh like the rigid ones, but practices like inflatables, because they are foldable. Often they are also equipped with drain plug and do not require particular external supports to be mounted.

How to choose the right pool for dogs: factors to evaluate

The first factors to evaluate before buying a swimming pool for dogs are the size of the animal and space available. However, these indicators alone are not enough to make the right choice. Here are all the variables you need to consider before buying.

Shape and size

They are usually round or rectangular, evaluate the shape that best suits the space available. More than the shape, what will influence your choice will be the measure of the swimming pool.

  • Size. It must allow the animal to move freely.
  • Bordi. Their height must be sufficient to accommodate one adequate amount of water, but not too much to prevent the animal from enter and exit easily in the swimming pool.
  • Background. Choose a bottom coated with non-slip material which allows the animal a greater grip and prevents it from slipping. If it is not available, on the market there are non-slip strips or mats such as those used in tubs or showers.


Most of the models are made in PVC, a resistant, ecological, economical and safe material for the animal. Alternatively you can opt for pools in nylon, even more resistant but definitely more expensive.

Water drain valve

The presence of a drain valve from which to drain the water is a great convenience when it has to empty the pool or you simply have to to clean.

Where to buy a dog pool

Dog pools are on sale on the main e-commerce platforms and in online stores specializing in the sale of pet products.

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13 online stores where to buy swimming pools for dogs

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