Refractory stone for pizza: discount codes and online offers

Discover the best online stores where you can buy a refractory stone for pizza at cheap prices, saving thanks to our discount codes.

If you are a pizza enthusiast who delights in experimenting with new recipes and new doughs, we suggest a solution for cooking it that you should definitely try: the refractory stone for pizza

You've probably already heard of it, on the other hand its use isn't limited to just cooking pizza, but it's widely used in the kitchen. In our humble opinion, however, it is precisely with pizza that the refractory stone offers its best. It is the ideal tool for bake fragrant pizzas, as if they had been cooked in a wood oven, even using the electric oven at home. 

What is refractory stone

Regardless of its use in the kitchen, a refractory stone is a real one stone slab, which must be placed inside the oven. Its particular mineral composition makes it porous, and therefore capable of both absorb the moisture of the dough, both the heat of the oven, increasing the cooking temperature, which normally does not exceed 250°C in a standard electric oven.

How to use the refractory stone

Nothing simpler. Simply place the stone slab on the oven grill and once the latter has reached temperature, place the pizza on the surface of the refractory stone with the help of a shovel (often sold together with it). Remember to choose a stone slab that is compatible with the measurements of your appliance.  

Thanks to higher temperatures favored by the overheated refractory stone and the humidity of the dough absorbed by it, the pizza will be more crunchy and similar to that cooked in a wood oven.  

In fact, the main difference compared to pizza in a pan is that the latter, once placed in the oven, needs time to heat up. Placing the pizza directly on an incandescent stone instead, it will cook much earlier, being able to count on the great heat released. In fact, the stone reproduces the bricks that form the basis of the most classic of wood-burning ovens. 

Where to buy the refractory stone for pizza

You can buy the refractory stone for pizza on the main ecommerce platforms and on online stores specialize in the sale of kitchen items.

You will find them in different sizes, rectangular or round, and by adding a few euros you will buy it equipped with shovel, which we advise you to get because it is essential in arranging the pizza correctly on the stone. 

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10 shops where you can buy a refractory stone for pizza online 

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