New digital terrestrial: compatible TV purchase bonus and decoder discount codes

In June 2022 the transition to the new digital terrestrial will end and many old TVs will no longer work starting from September 2021. Find out how to check if your TV is compatible and how to get the €100 TV scrapping bonus.

The new DVB-T2 digital terrestrial TV: when and what changes

Starting July 7, anyone you want buy a new TV will be able to take advantage of the so-called "TV scrapping bonus”, an economic contribution provided by the government to encourage the scrapping of old appliances and buying new ones. The maximum amount of the bonus is 100€.

This measure is added to the old €50 “TV bonus”, been available for a couple of years now. The question arises: why these incentives?

Not everyone knows that the countdown has begun in Italy that will lead to new digital terrestrial DVB-T2. The current DVB-T1 transmission system will be gradually abandoned, to be definitively set aside from June 2022.

Once the transition has taken place, many TVs will no longer receive the signal of the new digital terrestrial and therefore they will no longer be usable for watching TV.

How to check if the TV is compatible with the new digital terrestrial

In general, any TV set purchased after 1 January 2017 should be suitable for TV signal reception. If you want check if your television is compatible with the standards of the new digital terrestrial, it will be enough for you tune it to channel 100 or 200 and check what appears on the screen.

  • If you see a screen that says: “HEVC Main10 test” (even on just one of the two channels), you can rest assured: your TV is compatible with the new DVB-T2.
  • Se nothing appears instead, starting from June 2022 you will have to intervene, here's how.

If you own a purchased TV before 2017 and you've verified that it won't work, you have two options:

  • scrap it e buy a new one, taking advantage of the "TV scrapping bonus" of the Ministry of Economic Development;
  • buy a decoder which, when connected to the old TV, will allow you to continue receiving the new DVB-T2 signal. A bit like what happened when there was the transition from analogue to digital terrestrial TV a few years ago.

What happens from September 2021?

In fact, the transition will start as early as September 2021, because starting from this date there will be the switch to MPEG4 standard.

Lots of TV sets purchased before January 1, 2017 they may start to have reception problems and not work as early as September 2021, tuttavia being the MPEG4 standard already implemented on televisions on sale for a decade already, will concern a smaller number of devices than the digital terrestrial problem.

check if yours is among them, that will suffice tune it to channels from 501 onwards of the current digital terrestrial. If you see channels you don't have to worry, your TV will continue to work even after September 2021. Otherwise you have to take the suggested steps.

How the old “TV bonus” and the “TV scrapping bonus” work

Il old “TV bonus”:

  • has a value of €50;
  • it can be used both to buy a decoder and a TV;
  • can cover the entire purchase amount;
  • families with an ISEE income of less than €20.000 can use it.

The new “TV scrapping bonus”:

  • it's a 20% discount and up to a maximum of €100 on the purchase of a new TV;
  • does not apply to the decoder;
  • there is no income limit.

The good news is that, if you meet the requirements, the two bonuses can be combined. 

Where to buy a decoder or a new TV online

Regardless of whether you want to buy a decoder or scrap your old TV, you will find the models of the best brands for sale on the main e-commerce platforms and in online stores specializing in the sale of household appliances.

Below, we offer you one store list where you can buy decoders and TVs compatible with the new digital terrestrial at decidedly advantageous prices. Use i discount codes that you find on Best Discounts (links are given below) for get additional savings on these online stores.

11 online stores where you can buy a decoder or a TV

To find out the discount codes available, click on the shop you are interested in, copy the discount code and paste it during the purchase.

  8. EBAY
  10. QVC
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