Portable mini fridges: models, online offers and discount codes

What features should you consider when buying a mini fridge? Everything you need to know and the best online stores to buy a small portable refrigerator at discounted prices, thanks to the Best Discounts discount codes.

It will be for the pleasure of being able to always have something fresh at hand or for their versatility, which makes them useful in the most disparate situations, the fact is that of mini fridge, around, if you see more and more.  

Let's talk about small portable refrigerators, which function in every way like their big brothers, but have the advantage of being able to be transported by car, by boat, to the sea or from one house to another, thanks to theirs small size.

This article is for everyone who wishes buy a mini bar to have fresh drinks always available or to store food wherever you are. In the next few lines we will list the Main characteristics that this small appliance should possess ei factors to evaluate before buying one.

Not only. We will also provide you with one list of online shops on which it is possible buy mini fridges of the best brands a competitive prices. Finally, thanks to our discount codes – which you find at the end of the article – you will be able to obtain an rfurther savings about buying your refrigerator. Remember to always check availability of these codes on our site every time you are about to shop online.

Mini fridge, which model to choose: features and functions

I factors to evaluate before deciding which mini fridge to buy are many. Here we will focus on three characteristics which in our opinion deserve the most attention, which are: engine, supply e capacity.

Is a mini fridge with a compressor motor or a fan motor better?  

there two main types of engines installed on mini refrigerators. 

  • Il COMPRESSOR ENGINE has the advantage of being more powerful and to be able to cool food and drinks more quickly; However consume more.
  • Il FAN MOTOR instead, consumes less energy, but it has a lower cooling power.  

We remind you that onenergy label, usually affixed to the appliance on display or present in the technical data sheet, if purchased online, both the kWh/year consumption, be it energy rating. Comparing these data is possible compare consumption of the various models regardless of the type of engine installed. 

Mini fridge powered by electricity or with cigarette lighter socket?

Related to the type of engine, there is the type of power supply, perhaps the most important factor to evaluate. The mini fridges on the market can be powered in three ways. 

  • POWER SUPPLY: This is ideal if the appliance is located in a home, office or anywhere else where the current at 220V. These refrigerators usually consume more than others, but they offer better performance.
  • POWER SUPPLY at 12V: those that work attached to cigarette lighter socket, are useful when the appliance is used, for example, on a boat or in a car. Usually less powerful than the others, they consume less energy, but they are extremely versatile and equally very useful for the function they are to perform. 
  • There is a third way, the best, the most widespread: the mini fridges they own both power systems and can be connected to both the house power outlet, both in the cigarette lighter. They are certainly the best choice.

Dimensions of the mini fridge: what is the right capacity?

Portable mini fridges, those that can or must be transported here and there very often, are significantly smaller than traditional ones. The capacity range varies between 5 and 50 litres. Clearly the greater the size, the more complex the transport will be.

Il consiglio è semper quello di evaluate carefully what your priorities are before choosing one model over another. If, for example, it is only to be used to cool drinks, it will not be advisable to buy a very large fridge, which consumes more and needs more time to cool down. 

Some mini fridges, especially the slightly larger (and more expensive) ones, also have a mini freezer. Also consider this aspect in case it should be useful to you.

Where to buy a mini fridge online

Regardless of the model and brand chosen, you will find mini fridges for sale on the main e-commerce platforms and in online stores specializing in the sale of household appliances.

Below, we offer you one store list where it is possible to find different models of portable refrigerators, produced by the best companies at decidedly advantageous prices. Use i discount codes that you find on Best Discounts (links are given below) for get additional savings on these online stores.

15 online shops where to buy a mini fridge

To find out the discount codes available, click on the shop you are interested in, copy the discount code and paste it during the purchase.

  7. ARIES
  10. EBAY
  14. QVC
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