The best smartwatches: functions, features and offers online

Smartwatch, just translate this word from English to understand how useful these devices can be and simplify the small actions that each of us performs on a daily basis. The technology that is inside these "smart watches" in fact, allows you to always have at your fingertips…

Smartwatch, just translate this word from English to understand how useful these devices can be and simplify the small actions that each of us performs on a daily basis. The technology that is inside these "smart watches" in fact, allows you to always have most of the functions of a smartphone on your wrist.

With a smartwatch, in addition to the most basic actions, such as answering a phone call, reading or sending a message on Whatsapp or sending an email, it is possible to use many apps identical to those installed on your smartphone and it goes without saying that this aspect opens up a world of possibilities.

You can exploit it while doing it physical activity, using the step counter function or by monitoring blood pressure and heart rate. If you own a plant of home automation, it can work to turn the lights on and off, raise and lower the shutters and in general to activate all the automations in the house.

In short, despite the name, a smartwatch shouldn't be considered at all as a slightly more advanced watch, but rather as an extension – or a peripheral, if you prefer – of the device to which it is connected.

How to choose the best smartwatch: the main features

Before describing the various types of smartwatches and the functions that these devices should possess, it is essential understand how to use it. For example, some may act as a phone extension, while others are marketed as specifically health-focused devices.

In this sense it is useful to ask yourself some questions to understand what they are the aspects you care most about e actions that are performed most frequently.

  • Do I use it for sports? In this case I will choose a watch with a heart rate sensor and GPS.
  • Will I have to wear it at the beach or in the pool? If so, it must be water resistant.
  • Would I like it if it looked like a classic chronograph? In this case, the design will take priority over other features.

Once these aspects are clarified, it will be possible evaluate the features and functions of a smartwatch.

Operating system and apps available

The choice of operating system of the smartwatch it depends on the operating system of the smartphone that you own. There are three popular operating systems for smartwatches:

  • Apple Watch OSCompatible ONLY with iPhone (from iPhone 5 onwards), which owns over 20.000 apps available.
  • WearOS by Google, compatible with all devices Android (from version 4.4 onwards) and in some devices also with iPhone, but with less functionality than when used with Android devices. Google's Wear also has thousands of apps optimized for your platform and allows you to install them directly on the watch without going through your smartphone.
  • Tizenes, open source device-specific platform Samsung. It has the limitation that if you want to add apps to the smartwatch, they can only be downloaded from the Tizen store and even if the offer is growing it is not comparable to that of the other two operating systems.


Squares o circular, smartwatch displays use LCD screens o AMOLED display, which let you view photos and content with richer, brighter colors, but result in a shorter battery life. Even if manufacturers make great strides to improve the efficiency of batteries, if their duration is a fundamental aspect for you, evaluate a black and white display.

The display can be touch screen o touchless. We recommend touchscreen smartwatches on displays that are not too small, otherwise it can become difficult to select items. Many smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, integrate a one in addition to the touch display digital crown or side buttons, to be used to quickly magnify the contents, to scroll them and to activate other functions.

Design and customization

The better devices offer the possibility of choose color and material of the strap, or color, finish and size of the dial, with the possibility of replacing them over time, for example the strap, an important aspect if you wish customize your smartwatch.

even the comfort or the ease with which the watch is fastened are important aspects. Better to avoid hooks that are bulky and require too much force to open and close. Most attentive to design they will opt for smartwatches with round dials, which make them more similar to traditional watches.

Fitness functions, heart rate and GPS

While some smartwatches depend on your smartphone for activity tracking, most have at least one integrated step counter and several also possess a heart rate monitor. Some models also have the GPS, very useful during the race or bicycle to track distance traveled and pace. Of course, using GPS has a significant impact on battery life.

National: if the will is to use the smartwatch mainly to monitor your workouts, perhaps the best choice is to move towards a fitness tracker with smartwatch-like functionality, such as Fitbit versa or the lines Garmin Vivoactive, which also let you change the watch face and read your notifications.

Mobile payments

Many smartwatches have a chip NFC inside and you can use them for make payments even if you don't have your phone with you. All models of Apple Watch have Apple Pay enabled (again, works even if you don't have your iPhone with you), Wear OS devices support Android Pay, while Samsung Pay, Samsung's mobile payment system, works on all of its newer models.

Battery life

The battery of most color screen smartwatches tends to last from one to two days. The smartwatches with which it is possible to make calls have a battery that lasts even less. The Apple Watch, for example, lasts about 18 hours on a charge.

Many devices, such as the Apple Watch and the Samsung Gear Sport, use the wireless charging, thanks to which it is not necessary to connect the device directly to a charger but simply place it on a charging puck.

The best brands of smartwatches: online offers

It is possible to buy a smartwatch online, on the main e-commerce sites and in the online stores of the main electronics stores. On Best discounts you will find coupons and discount codes for buy your smartwatch at even lower prices in stores like AmazonePriceMediaworldEuronics o Unieuro.

Among the best brands that we recommend you buy online are: Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Fossil, Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei, Garmin and Mobvoi. If you are curious to know which are the best models of 2021, we report below the ranking drawn up by the specialized site To know the prices click on the models.

The 10 best smartwatches of 2021 and where to buy them online

  1. Apple WatchSE
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  3. Watch Apple 6
  4. Fitbit Versa 3
  5. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  6. Fitbit Versa Lite
  7. Fossil Sport
  8. Honor Magic Watch 2
  9. TicWatch Pro 3
  10. Watch Apple 4
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