The best electric scooters: prices, features and online offers

The best electric scooters: features, prices and online offers The number of scooters that can be seen roaming our streets is growing more and more every day. It will be for their ability to move easily in city traffic, for low consumption, for their ecological nature…

The best electric scooters: features, prices and online offers

The number of scooters that can be seen roaming our streets is growing every day. It will be for their ability to move easily in city traffic, for the low consumption, for their ecological nature or because adults and children like them, the fact is that in recent years the electric version of the classic push scooter has carved out its large market share. 

The first consideration to make is that electric scooters have very little to do with traditional ones, which were conceived more as toys than as means of transport. Today the concept has been reversed and electric scooters have become the symbol of sustainable mobility in the city. Compared to conventional models are equipped with a engine, mounted on the frame and powered by rechargeable batteries, and of commands acceleration e braking located on the handlebar.

How to choose the best electric scooter: the main features

Before describing the components that a good electric scooter should have, it is essential understand how to use itby asking a few questions. How many times will I use it? How many kilometers will I travel each day? Will I drive it on more or less rough terrain? Will I have to load it on public transport? Depending on the answers to these questions, certain features will be useful, rather than others. 

For example, if you are traveling long distances the autonomy of the battery plays a fundamental role, just as the lightness or the ability to fold it back on itself should make the difference load in the car or on public transport. Now let's see in detail the various aspects to consider when you want to buy an electric scooter. 

Power and speed

Power is one of the most important items, to be evaluated for example, if you ride challenging or not quite flat roads. The power, which is measured in Watts, generally varies from 250W to 1600W, our advice is to move towards an engine of at least 500w.

Given that according to the law, an electric scooter could not exceed 25 km/h, the maximum speed of a medium-high range model is around 35-40 km/h. Then there are models that exceed even these speeds.

Portability (weight and handling)

From weight and the possibility of folding the vehicle back on itself depends on the maneuverability and being able to carry it easily in the trunk of the car or on crowded public transport. 

In general we suggest that you prefer strength, solidity, And then heaviness, if you have to face longer and more demanding routes, perhaps also evaluating models equipped with seat. Conversely, choose lighter and more manageable models. 


By the type of battery and on its power will depend theautonomy of the electric scooter, i.e. the distance you will be able to cover before needing to recharge the battery. Usually this distance is around 40 km. 

However, this is not the only factor to evaluate with respect to the battery. In addition to autonomy, in fact, it is important to consider the battery life over time, i.e. the number of times I will be able to recharge it before it needs to be replaced and the charging timei.e. how long it takes for the battery to fully charge (typically 4-5 hours).

Wheels, brakes and suspension

The type of wheels depends on the type of route the scooter takes. For relatively short journeys in the city, for example, they are advisable small and light wheels, what a damage greater agility and ease of maneuver, while larger and more resistant wheels are better suited to less linear and somewhat bumpy paths. 

There are different types of wheels, with or without an inner tube. The inflatable wheels guarantee more cushioning (and therefore comfort), major stability e cornering gripas well as major speed, it is no coincidence that they are mounted on medium-high price range models. However, they have the disadvantage that they can get pierced e they must be inflated occasionally.

Against, small full wheels, without an inner tube, have the advantage of don't get pierced, but they give less stability, grip when cornering or in the wet e speed.

Other aspects, a little more technical, to be evaluated are the suspensions – more or less rigid on the front and rear – the material of the circles – the alloy ones are considered the best – ei bearings.

Also brakes are essential, having good braking can make the difference, especially in city traffic. There are several types, a disco, drum, electronic, mechanical and so on, but we don't want to get too technical. Let's just say that disc brakes perform better than drum brakes, especially in the wet.

The best brands of electric scooters: online offers 

It is possible to buy an electric scooter online, in specialized shops and in the stores of the main shops such as DecathlonAmazonMediaworld 

Unieuro. On Best discounts you will find   e discount codes to buy your electric scooter at even lower prices in any of these shops.

Among top brands that we advise you to buy online are: Segway, Xiaomi, Beeper, Razor, Takira and Ducati. If you are curious to know what they are i best models of 2021, we report below the ranking drawn up by the specialized site electric

The 5 best electric scooter models of 2021

1. Ninebot by Segway ES2 the best ever – da 409€

2. Razor E300 the cheapest

3. BEEPER FX1000 the best off road

4. Takira Tank Type 800TT the fastest

5. Xiaomin M365 the best quality / price ratio

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