How to save on Black Friday

The 5 tips to arrive prepared for Black Friday and really save money

Il Black Friday is a fixed appointment in the month of November which every year delights all online shopping lovers: the last week of November is in fact marked by more or less incredible discounts, which is why it is advisable to take advantage of the Black Friday discounts maybe to make Christmas presents while saving quite a bit.

Many online stores ranging from clothing to electronics and home appliances have offers and promos that also start some weeks before Black Friday, to then arrive at the famous Friday when the bulk of the discounts begins and continues until Monday of Cyber ​​Monday or until the end of the month. Given the limited time range, it is important to show up for the Black Friday appointment with clear ideas in mind, in order to grab the best discounts and take home the product you were looking for at extraordinary prices. 

Saving tips on Black Friday

The first tip for saving on Black Friday is to get there prepared. It seems trivial, but draw up a list of what you want to buy and the products you are interested in is useful for comparing the various price ranges easily. 

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to also think about Christmas gifts for the family and for yourself: if you need something but have put off buying it while waiting for the sales, now is the right time to buy it, taking advantage of a series of advantageous discounts. 

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Spend some time shopping

Compulsive shopping on Black Friday is not a good idea, although with a large amount of attractive discounts on various products and categories it's easy to get carried away, filling your cart with unnecessary purchases than necessary. While a little planning is possible with the wishlist, it is equally necessary to spend time shopping. Carving out an hour to go shopping on Black Friday is useful for studying discounts in depth, comparing prices, looking for the best offer and finally buying; by doing so you will certainly save money by taking home exactly what you really need. 

Compare prices 

Not all online stores adopt the same discount policy for Black Friday: there are those who take advantage of launching promotions a few days before the official day and those who do it only on days from Friday to Monday . 

Definitely tempting to buy a product we find discounted before Black Friday it could be difficult to counter but you could find that same product on sale on other platforms during the twenty-four hours of Friday. For this reason it is better to take note of the current offers and wait for the Black Friday weekend, to be sure of taking advantage of the possibility of the best price.

If the discount seems interesting to you, buy!

La wishlist it serves precisely this, that is, not to fall into the trap of discounts at all costs, which can lead to compulsive buying just because we let ourselves be dazzled by the lower prices compared to the rest of the year.

However, if you are monitoring a specific product and a discount seems advantageous to you compared to others, don't wait too long and buy it, especially if they are products with a normally high price and if the original amount you find discounted has all the air of a super offer.

True, in tip number 4 we just suggested waiting to buy and be able to compare various prices, but if you find a super discount perhaps for a limited time or applied to products with limited units, perhaps you risk not finding it the next day. On the other hand, every break is lost, so sometimes it's better to take advantage.

Evaluate the product to buy

Obviously the discounts also depend on the type of product, if it has just come out and how much is in demand; the purchase of a technological product recently introduced on the market and discounted at incredible prices could take priority perhaps over a pair of shoes, which instead you can find on offer with a greater discount on a specific site rather than another. When compiling the wishlist, try to insert the products you are aiming for with the greatest interest and give priority to those, especially if we are talking about technological accessories or medium-expensive, which maintain a high price throughout the year, such as household appliances or the latest generation smartphones.

In this case, if you should find an offer that seems attractive to you and in line with the budget you have decided to spend, buy it. Black Friday only comes once a year and it would be a shame to waste a good opportunity. 

Now that we have seen some tips for saving on Black Friday, all that remains is to compile the list of favorites and prepare for shopping, keeping your eyes open from the beginning of the week and then intensifying alerts and searches on Black Friday and Monday with Cyber ​​Monday. 

Also pay attention to i discount codes dedicated to Black Friday that you can find on our site and that allow you to make your shopping even more convenient, saving on already incredible prices to be seized on the fly but also on delivery or on some products, or discounts on specific categories or shops. 

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