Klarstein GrandPrix food processor: price, offers and reviews

The Klarstein Grandprix food processor is your perfect ally for cooking delicious dishes in a short time.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to start the cooking fun! With the Klarstein GrandPrix food processor, the kitchen is ready to go: the 500 W motor and 1000 W heating power give this combined device the characteristics to face any culinary challenge. The container in stainless steel 2,5 liter capacity is spacious enough to prepare soups, pastas, salads, sauces or stews. Furthermore, with the manual ignition, always having everything under control is child's play: 12 speeds, temperatures up to 120 ° C and operational duration up to 90 minutes. To top it off, the chrome components and cockpit-inspired control panel make the dining experience even more enjoyable.

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Features of the Klarstein Grandprix food processor

The new multifunction machine features a large 15 x 6 cm display and offers a variety of adjustable features, including a speed adjustable in 12 levels and an adjustable temperature from 30 to 120 °C. Operating times can range from 1 second up to 90 minutes, and it also includes a dedicated Dough mode for preparing doughs. It also features an attachment for gentle steaming, an embossed measuring scale at 0,5 liter intervals, BPA-free plastic components, a 100ml precision measuring cup and a pulse function for harder ingredients (maximum speed ). Cleaning is made easier by the fact that some parts are removable, while a spatula is included in the package to remove stuck food and lift the cooking insert. In addition, the machine features an automatic shut-off option and a safety switch that ensures that the device only starts when the attachments are properly engaged. Thanks to the suction cup support feet, the machine guarantees high stability during use.

Dimensions & technical specifications of the Klarstein Grandprix food processor

This article describes the dimensions and weight of an object. The dimensions of the object are approximately 22cm in length, 38cm in height and 34cm in depth. The weight is about 1,5 kilograms. This object is light and compact, suitable for easy carrying.

User reviews of the Klarstein Grandprix food processor

Users of the Klarstein Grandprix food processor find it excellent. Very easy to use, super silent and simple to clean; there warranty is a full two years old and theFAQ he is punctual and available. A manual is not included in the package but you can easily find it online and download it in a few minutes.

The value for money is exceptional; excellent both for cooking and for doughs, it has nothing to envy to the more expensive Thermomix. Delivery times may vary but are usually very fast.

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