The right accessories to go back to the gym

The right accessories to go back to the gym: bag, towel, water bottle

Other than New Year's Eve, everyone knows that the period par excellence for new beginnings is September: from school to returning from holidays to good intentions to pursue, such as joining the gym after having put it off for months due to more or less well-founded reasons . 

If you've finally decided to take the plunge and set foot in weight room, you need to get the accessories to start training on the right foot: in addition to suitable shoes and clothing, you also need to get a large bag in which to put everything you need, including a water bottle and towels or a bathrobe for taking a shower. 

You will find all these things in the online shops in our list at the bottom of the page, on which you can apply the coupon discount to save money: read the article and then have fun shopping, enjoy reading!

Gym accessories: bag, towel, water bottle

The gym bag is essential, because it contains the rest of the accessories and you can take it with you to work, keep it in the car or ready on the doorstep, so that even when you're late you can run to train without the doubt of having forgotten something. A good gym bag will need to have enough space to accommodate a change, in case you go to train after work without going home first, and the bathrobe if you choose to shower immediately after training. In any case, gym bags come in different shapes and colors, so you can choose the model you like best, also based on the presence of practical zips or internal pockets to optimize space.

What to put inside the bag? First of all the towel: you will need it to dab the sweat while you train but also to use floor mats and equipment that you lie down on, so just in case bring a couple of which one to use during training on the equipment and one to wipe your face. If you take a shower at the gym, bring a bathrobe, preferably in microfiber because it absorbs more and takes up less volume in your bag, as do microfiber towels that you find in all sizes and colors for sale in sports stores. 

The water bottle is a must, to rehydrate after training and always keep close at hand. If you choose a thermal model, the water contained inside will maintain the temperature and you can drink fresh water even without the refrigerator (not too cold though, especially if you've just finished training and you're sweaty). In any case, the thermal bottle is useful both in the gym and in the office, so you can optimize your purchase by using it throughout the day. 

Gym clothing: technical fabrics and the right shoes 

To train you will need comfortable clothes, not too loose but not too tight, made with technical and breathable fabric, which allows you to sweat avoiding the wringing rag effect. In shops dedicated to sport you will find technical clothes gym clothes for women and men, but you can also use cotton tank tops or t-shirts; women can opt for sports leggings and reinforced tops, which make running and jumping easier. 

In addition to the right clothing, shoes make the difference: training shoes should be used for that sole purpose and that's it, not outside the gym to avoid dirtying or ruining them ahead of time. Choose a comfortable model that fits your foot perfectly, taking into account the socks - cotton or terry - which could make the shoe slightly narrower. Better to spend a little more or at least think about choosing the perfect sneaker rather than end up with sore feet or – worse – some ankle damage. Buy your new sneaker in online sports stores, which offer a variety of models of all types and brands.

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Plus gym accessories

We're done with the basics, but you can add a couple more useful workout accessories to your shopping list. The first are the gloves, to be worn to handle the barbells or use the pole without slipping or hurting your hands, the second are the earphones for training to the beat of the music. Who doesn't like working out to background music, especially when doing repetitive exercises or running on the treadmill; a good pair of earphones it will keep you company, the most comfortable model is the bluetooth one which allows you to perform the exercises in complete freedom. 

Now that we have compiled the list of accessories to get before starting training, all you have to do is buy them and then run quickly to the gym.

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