Food delivery: offers and discount codes for home delivery of food

What are the best food delivery services? Promotions, offers and discount codes for fast and cheap home delivery of food

Due to the health emergency we are experiencing, order food delivery online it has almost become a necessity. It is rare to find a restaurant, deli or bar that does not offer this service.

In most cases, delivery takes place leaning on platforms specialized in food delivery. Born a few years ago as a startup, reality like Just Eat, Deliveroo, Glovo o Uber Eats, have quickly become real giants, with billionaire turnovers, often listed on the stock exchange and spread all over the world.

Follow the channel where you can find discounts for food delivery apps and the one dedicated to Uber Eats

The convenience of relying on riders has infected millions of people and the apps that offer this service have multiplied. The market has become hyper-competitive and more and more often the many companies in the sector offer special discounts e promotions to win new customers.

In this article we will briefly describe which are the most reliable food delivery services, active in the main Italian cities, but above all we will reveal the quote and discount codes updated to take advantage of every time you use these apps to order food.

Always consult the rich section dedicated to discount codes for the Food & Beverage sector which is constantly updated on Best Discounts.


With delivery on demand we want to change the way people shop. The goal is to get everyone used to buying only what they need, and not hoarding, in order to reduce our food waste.


On Glovo you can order from over 1.000 restaurants, including the most famous fast food chains, such as McDonald's, Burger King, Old Wild West and KFC. The service guarantees fast delivery in many cities, not only from restaurants, but also from supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, florists, etc.


It offers a selection of the best Italian and foreign cuisine restaurants, with home delivery in a few minutes and in many Italian cities. Hamburgers from the best-known chains, sushi, wraps, fusion cuisine, the list of restaurants served by Deliveroo is really long.

Uber Eats

The Uber Eats app is very simple to use. You can choose from hundreds of restaurants, divided by category or type of cuisine, order the food of your liking and view the estimated delivery time and the inclusive price when ordering. We then proceed to confirm with the ability to monitor the order status in real time.

Just Eat

Born in Denmark in 2001, Just Eat landed in Italy in 2011. It allows you to order food online in just a few clicks at home in all the main cities of our country. To do this, simply enter the delivery address, select the restaurant and choose the dishes from its menu. Those who wish can also pay in cash on delivery.


Alfonsino is the food delivery of small towns, tailor-made to adapt to the needs of those who live in small towns. Born in 2016, it was the first chatbot in the world developed natively with the aim of collecting and delivering food orders at home. The service also works via Facebook Messenger.

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