The PlayStation 5 is out: price, features and where to find it

Our review of the Sony PlayStation 5: spectacular graphics, excellent gameplay, lots of games and an innovative controller.

The new PlayStation 5 is out and we tell you right away that we liked it a lot. In the following lines we will describe it from our point of view, leaving out the purely technical part.

The first difference that catches the eye compared to the previous model is the size. The PS5 is nice big and could be a rather bulky "decorative" in the living room or bedroom, but as we will see, it's worth it.

The main ports on the back are 2 USB Type A, network cable input and HDMI 2.1 input. On the front, however, there is a USB type A and a USB type C, the latter convenient for charging the controllers. The storage space interior is of 825GB – let's say there are at least 14 games – but you can connect an external hard drive to expand the memory.

THEpower on and loading games I am extremely quick. The interface is similar to that of the PS4, but changes the graphics a bit. The dashboard menu, very intuitive, is mainly divided into two sections: the part dedicated to GAMES and that ai MULTIMEDIA CONTENT.

Playstation 5 games

In addition to the two exclusive Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, let's say right away that the catalog of games is very large, because this time Sony has secured the Backwards compatibility with almost all PlayStation 4 titles.

Some of them will be enhanced and optimized for PS5, through a free patch provided by the developers (the so-called "game bust" which will improve resolution and frame rate), while for others the optimization will not be available - for example it will not be available for games streaming PlayStation Now and PS Remote Play – but they will work the same on the new PS5.

Speaking Playstation Now, to play many games on demand there are different forms of subscription and prices, ranging from €9,99 if you subscribe for a single month, to €5/month for the annual plan. A small flaw is that to unlock more features, such as online multiplayer and cloud saving, it is necessary to subscribe to an additional subscription to PS Plus, at similar prices to PlayStation Now.

In this regard, however, we have to break a spear against Sony, which has reserved the service for free Playstation Plus Collection, to all subscribers to PlayStation Plus who buy the PS5, who they will find 20 of the best PS4 games already pre-installed!

Moving on to the MULTIMEDIA CONTENT section, here you will find the major entertainment applications of the moment: Twich, DAZN, Spotify, Disney+, Apple TV, Prime Video, Netflix, Now Tv and Plex and Youtube, which can be downloaded and installed from the store. The integration with Spotify is interesting, thanks to which you can listen to playlists linked to the games you have on the console.

The new PS5 Dual Sense controller

One of the biggest novelties is certainly the new Dual Sense controller, in which the haptic feedback through a substantial change from vibration, which while in the old Dual Shock 4 was more impactful and direct, in the new controller it is much softer and more sensitive.

Also new i trigger (triggers) that have been rendered adaptive, that is, they give different feedback depending on when (and how) I use them, also providing different resistance to finger pressure. Then there are a touchpad, a very precise motion sensor, a microphone and, as in the Dual Shock 4, a useful speaker to convey secondary sounds and effects to the main audio. There battery recharges by attaching the controller to the front USB e it lasts about 10-12 hours of gameplay.

To better understand the differences between the new Dual Sense controller and the old Dual Shock 4 you will find a pre-installed game called Astro's Playroom.

PlayStation 5: price, versions and where to find it

Summing up we can say that the new PlayStation 5 seems to us very powerful, has a has crazy graphics (try Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales to believe), agreat playability, many games available immediately (all those of the PS4) and a innovative controller.

The PS5 is available in 2 versions: with integrated blue ray player o all digital. The two models are perfectly matched technically identical, the shape (the all digital one is less pot-bellied) and the price change only a little. The version with blue ray player is expensive 499 €, the all-digital one 399€, to you the choice!

Just been out for a few days it was snapped up right away given the many pre-orders made. At the moment it is possible to book on best online electronics sites for receive a notification as soon as it is available, for example on UniEuro o Euronics.

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