DJI drones and quadcopters: features, prices and online offers

Today we want to talk to you about drones, devices that have evolved more and more from a technological point of view over the years, reaching truly stratospheric levels of performance that were unthinkable until recently. It is possible to find all types and all prices, however, if you want to…

Today we want to talk to you about drones, devices that have evolved more and more from a technological point of view over the years, reaching truly stratospheric levels of performance that were unthinkable until recently. It is possible to find all types and all pricesHowever, if you want to have a product that ensures performance, stability and above all durability over time, it is good to rely on leading companies.

Today we will focus on one of them: DJI, world leading brand in the sector of camera drones and quadcopters for aerial shots. The products of this company range and are suitable for all experiences: from the beginner, to the professional, to the company and their assistance service is fast and reliable.

even the price of DJI drones is designed for all budgets and within everyone's reach. Without too many frills, we will introduce you some of the most innovative and requested models on the market, analyzing its specifications and technical characteristics.

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DJI Mavic Mini: performance, features and price

– Ultralight: weighs only 249 grams

– 30 minute flight

– 2km HD video transmission

– Vision sensor + GPS positioning

– Three-axis stabilizer and 2,7K camera

– Easy videos and edits

– PRICE starting from €399

Compact and portable. With its 250 grams of weight, the Mavic Mini is almost as light as a smartphone, very compact and portable, to meet the standards required in many countries for the flight of micro UAVs.


Easy to use. Thanks to the new DJI Fly app, creating professional images in a few taps with this drone will be simple and intuitive and thanks to the practical flight guides, you can start using Mavic Mini immediately and in total safety. The many features of the DJI Fly app allow even the less experienced to create super clicked videos using the many different models available with a single touch.

Safety. Thanks to the circular propeller guard, which protects the propellers 360 degrees, improving their flight performance, Mavic Mini is a truly safe device. Furthermore, thanks to advanced sensors, it is able to hover in flight with extreme precision.

Stabilized camera. Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photography and 2,7K QHD video. A three-axis motorized mechanism stabilizes the camera and ensures sharp, ultra-smooth shooting.

Remote Controller. The remote control ensures a smooth video link and clear images up to 2 km away.

Longer flights. The low weight allows Mavic Mini to stay airborne longer than other aerial cameras. On a full charge, it flies for up to thirty minutes.

QuickShot effects for videos from Pro. Intricate shots have never been easier thanks to Mavic Mini's QuickShot effects: Dronie, Rise, Circle and Spiral. Simply select your favorite QuickShot and Mavic Mini will follow a pre-set trajectory while recording a video.

CineSmooth mode. It is possible to slow down the movements of Mavic Mini to have more precise and increasingly stable shots. This mode is especially useful when flying in confined spaces or with obstacles.

DJI Mini 2: functions, features and price

– Ultralight and foldable: weighs only 249 grams

- 31 minutes of autonomy

– 10km HD video transmission

- Level 5 wind resistance

– Ultra-clear 4K video

– Smart mode and Quickshots

– PRICE starting from €459

Small, convenient, compact. With a weight of less than 249 grams and a small size, the DJI Mini 2 can be easily transported anywhere and adapts to the needs of those who are always on the move.

Small but powerful. The DJI Mini 2 has a maximum battery life of 31 minutes, can withstand winds of up to 38 km/h and take off at a maximum altitude of 4.000 meters, for stable footage even in unfavorable weather conditions. It also supports HD video transmissions up to 10km away and has excellent anti-interference capabilities.


Super video quality. Always vivid and quality images thanks to the 3-axis stabilization with 4MP 12K camera, to create sharp and super-defined 4K / 30fps videos. Thanks to the 4x zoom it is not necessary to get too close to the subject of the frame. The Wide Angle, 180° and Spherical Panoramas options, on the other hand, will guarantee you instant breathtaking panoramic shots.

QuickShots. Thanks to the DJI Fly App, impressive results can be obtained, complete with soundtracks and filters with just a few taps, even for novice pilots. The App also automatically improves image quality to make colors more vivid and details more defined.

Flying has never been easier. Thanks to the automatic take-off, hover and Smart return functions, the basic flight operations become safe and simple even for novice pilots.

DJI Mavic 2 PRO: technical characteristics, functionality and price

– Hasselblad camera

– Camera with 2x optical zoom

– 1080p video transmission Up to 10km

- 31 minutes of autonomy

– Omnidirectional obstacle detection

– Hyperlapse

– PRICE starting from €1.499

Hasselblad camera. The Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with the new Swedish-made Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, featuring ergonomic design and excellent image quality, to take excellent 20 megapixel aerial photos with vivid colors.

1 inch CMOS sensor. Compared to that of the first Mavic Pro, the new sensor mounted on the Mavic 2 Pro features an active area four times more sensitive, with an ISO range increased from 3.200 to 12.800. That is to say better performance in low light conditions.

Dlog-M 10-bit color profile. Thanks to 10-bit coding, the Mavic 2 Pro perceives over a billion colors (compared to 16 million with 8-bit coding) and manages to render more defined details both in light areas and in dark areas, for sunrises and sunsets from dream.

HDR videos. Mavic 2 Pro supports 10K 4-bit HDR and by connecting it to a 4K TV screen with HLG it will be possible to enjoy the brightness and contrast points typical of HDR quality when playing movies.

Adjustable opening. It is possible to manually set the shutter aperture with a range of f/2.8-f/11 according to the light conditions to always have clear, sharp and fluid images in any lighting condition. And for darker scenes, the HyperLight application allows for more natural image capture and drastically reduces noise.

Hyperlapse. Thanks to HyperLapse technology, the Mavic 2 Pro is able to take stable aerial images and automatically process them, allowing you to create professional timelapse videos with the simple click of a button, which you can immediately share on the internet.

H.265 codec for higher quality images. The Mavic 2 Pro records 4K video at a high bit rate with advanced H.2658 compression. Videos in H.265 and HEVC codec ensure 50% more information than H.264 and AVC, generating high quality footage and preserving more detail.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO: features, technical specifications and price

– CMOS sensor 1

– 30 minute flight

– Obstacle detection in 5 directions

– Shooting in 4K/60fps, Bit-rate 100Mbps and 20MP photos

– Mechanical shutter

– OcuSync 2.0 transmission system

– PRICE starting from €1.699

Lots and lots of power. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is the ultimate aerial imaging solution designed for creative professionals. Extraordinary stabilization, thanks to the 1” 20 MP CMOS sensor and mechanical shutter, which allow you to capture every detail, acquiring usable image data for advanced post-production.

Vivid details and impeccable colors thanks to the optimized f/2.8 wide-angle lens. Video in Cinema 4K at 100 Mbps recordable with the possibility of slow-motion shooting at high resolution. The D-log mode and the H.265 codec allow you to capture images in HDR, for highly professional results.

Precise mechanical shutter that eliminates rolling shutter distortions, common when shooting moving subjects or flying at high speeds. The electronic shutter offers burst shooting functionality, shooting 20 MP images at 14 fps, so you always capture the perfect moment.

Advanced flight performance. Easy and practical to fly, thanks to the fluidity, simplicity and speed of the controls. Possibility of reaching a speed of 72 km/h to make the most complex shots.

Flight Autonomy. The Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 has advanced aerial intelligence that allows you to capture very complex images more easily and in extreme safety, thanks to the detection of obstacles in five directions. As stated in the datasheet:

The real-time view of the surroundings and the processing of 3D maps provide detailed information. Redundant IMUs and compasses monitor critical data and correct any errors, dramatically increasing flight reliability.

Stream 1080p images up to five miles away with OcuSync 2.0 HD video transmission that simultaneously sends and receives the video signal, selects the band (2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz) with the least interference to ensure an always clear signal. Ultra-bright 5,5-inch screen allows excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.

Smart batteries. Duration: 5 hours. Upon reaching the minimum distance required to ensure a safe automatic return, a message will alert the pilot. For extended periods of storage, the batteries will self-discharge to maintain performance.

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