Where to find Wish coupons?

Here are some practical tips for finding codes and coupons to use on

In general, the most practical way to find codes to use on the app or on the Wish site of the same name is to consult the application directly every day, or in particular in the weekend.

Other ways are to always check the discount code and couponing sites, the dedicated telegram channels and finally search on Google with some classic search strings, including "wish discount codes", "wish discount coupon" etc.

Another advantage to take advantage of is also that of accessing the app daily in order to accumulate reward points, upon reaching certain thresholds you will be able to redeem reward discounts, on average ranging from 5% to 20%, based on the points accumulated.

Another interesting tip to save money is to use the function FLASH OFFERS which is found on the app, is indicated by the wheel of fortune icon, in fact, it works like a wheel of fortune, you can land it and get suggestions on some super discounted products and valid only for a few minutes, you can try this game only once a day.

Some discount codes you can find on our site

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