Where to book cheap flights online

How and where to find cheap flights online to travel and save on the ticket price.

Hello lads! As announced today I will return to talk about travel advice, more precisely on the site to use to book your flight nowadays. There are numerous sites for booking flights we have for example Expedia, Skyscanners, Kayaks, Bravofly, eDreams, Jet Cost, Tripadvisor, World and many more. But there are some that in my opinion are better than others as they can find any type of flight, from the cheapest to the most expensive, but for example in business class. However, my goal is to advise you on the best solution to save on the purchase of a flight. And there are three possible alternatives.

The first is to consult one of these sites that I have listed, but in my opinion the best are three world, Skyscanner and Kayak in particular. But among the three the best in my opinion is Skyscanner and now I'll tell you why. So I was saying on this site you write the airport of departure and the destination, but above all the very useful thing that however almost all sites do what you instead of the single airport can write the city directly, therefore for example Venice and all the flights from all the airports that are present in Venice will appear in the results. For example, in Venice there are two airports Treviso airport is Venice Marco Polo airport, therefore both will come out with results so that you can have as many possible solutions, so maybe be able to find an economic solution. At this point you can decide whether to search for a single flight or a return flight. And then you can choose the dates. The advantage of scandal compared to other sites is that instead of choosing a single date for both outward and return journeys, you can choose the whole month.

For example, I can choose to leave in the month of July and return in the month of August and then once you press on I was looking for the table with all the prices in the month of July for the outward journey and in the month of August. As for the return, you can choose the cheapest solution throughout the month. Obviously if the date appears with a green price it means that it is a good yellow price, so red means that it is a high price. Furthermore, you can choose whether to view the calendar mode or the graph mode and even better, it shows me through a graph various pieces during the month. At this point, once you have chosen the dates, confirm and all the flights available for those selected dates will succeed. As you can see, you can also choose three ways to view the flights if in order of price in order of duration, or simply the best, i.e. the one that according to Skyscanner is the best in relation to the price and duration of the flight.

Obviously, for each flight, the airline is displayed talking about the departure and arrival of the flight and any stopovers are present in the left side column. It is also possible to choose further options regarding the flights which may be perhaps the duration of the flight the departure time of a particular airline, which however I usually tend not to change as I am usually interested in choosing the cheapest flight . Once you have chosen one of the various flights, click on look and you will be able to list all the sites where you can buy the flight, depending on the solution you have chosen, you can buy the ticket or directly on the airline's website, in this case Liberia, or on other third-party sites that are otherwise reliable, which may sometimes have better prices, sometimes worse.

And in any case I note, potentially being able to always choose the cheapest solution. If the abbreviation of the airport name is red, it means that the outbound or return airport depending on the one marked in red is not the same as the outbound airport. In fact, as you can see in the photo we have that the departure airport of the outward journey is treviso, while the airport where you will arrive on the way back is not that of treviso, but that of venice. This thing applies to the arrival airport of the outward journey and the departure airport of the return journey where on the outward journey you arrive in Paris where while returning to Paris, therefore also in this respect downloading it is very easy to use, very easy to understand as a site. Finally, the very last very useful thing at the top left you can see that there is a bell with the message receive price alerts. If you press there and put your email, you will receive any price changes on the route on the days you have chosen. So every time there is a price change on the cheapest polo you will receive an email, so you will always be updated.

So this was the first solution. And I also reiterate the fact that in my opinion Skyscanner is the best site out there for booking flights. The second method is to go and look directly on the airlines' websites, for example Ryanair, EasyJet and all the others and all the other companies, even if Skyscanner usually manages to find the same offers that are present directly on the airlines' websites, indeed, often times, by doing combined searches, it manages to find even a better solution. For example, if you leave with a specific airline and return with another or by purchasing the ticket on other third-party sites.

For example me when I went to New York I traveled with British Airways, but I didn't buy the ticket on the British Airways site, but on another site called budget as at that time it offered a better price than the same airline. Finally, the third and last solution, however, is valid only if you don't have precise travel dates. It is in fact a site called pirates, traveling directly to their site, also via WhatsApp by registering which you can do directly on their site of which to put them. In the description, he sends you all the offers on flights or even on flight plus hotel packages directly on whatsapp, but not only offers, but also pricing errors. In fact, even on the websites of the airlines it is possible that the wrong prices are set and therefore perhaps if you immediately seize a moment, it is possible to buy the ticket at a much lower price than the original one. But it can also happen that the airline notices the mistake and sells the ticket and gives you your money back. But an attempt can always be made, as bad as it goes, the money paid is returned to me. But precisely, I repeat that this solution is only valid if you do not have precise dates as the offer arrives, seize the moment immediately, book and save.

If, on the other hand, you have the pre-established days, I recommend Skyscanner all your life, which in my opinion is the best site, so these were the three best solutions from my point of view as regards booking flights on websites. If you liked it, put a like. More Travel Tips content is coming soon, so that's all for today.

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