Christmas decorations and lights for the home: styles and trends

Buy Christmas decorations and lights online to decorate your home for a party. Let yourself be inspired by the most original styles and the latest trends of the year and take these offers on the fly.

We are entering the Christmas period and even if what is to come will be a somewhat special Christmas, we are certain that trees, balls, decorations and lights will not be missing in any home.

On the other hand, in this period, what could be better than the colorful and super glittery world of Christmas decorations?

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Kasanova: red, gold or white Christmas? 

Su Kasanova. com All the colors of Christmas await you!

From the bright shades of red to decorate every room as a party, to the candid and silvery notes of a White Christmas, up to the glittering tones golden that will make your home shine.

Home decorations, trees and lights, Christmas tree decorations and holiday table decorations, everyone discount up to 50% e Free Shipping for orders over €30.

A Red Christmas: between fairy tale and tradition

We start with red, the classic color of the holidays. For you, a vast assortment of candles, plates and tablecloths to best decorate the table and balls, lights and accessories to light up the magic of your tree.

White Christmas: class and simplicity

For those looking for a "snowy" Christmas, many white and silver decorations to recreate a fairytale landscape. Crockery, tablecloths and silver candlesticks to give a touch of sophistication to the table and elegant furniture in mirrored glass to give brightness to home furnishings.

Golden Christmas for a magical atmosphere

For those who don't want to give up a golden Christmas, balls, bows and glittering decorations will be the perfect mix to light up the Christmas tree, while plates, underplates, cake stands and placemats will embellish the festively laid table. And also golden lanterns and candles, personalized glasses with the initial of the name in gold to fully experience the magical spirit of Christmas.

Maisons du Monde: Christmas styles from around the world

Decorate the tree, set the table, place the various Christmas decorations inside and outside the house, in short, do everything you need to spend unforgettable holidays.

Ma what style choose? On Houses of the world you will find a myriad of products, but above all ideas and trends to inspire you by helping you build your own style of Christmas decoration. See also the photo galleries for more inspiration!

Scandicraft: Bright Christmas in Scandinavian style

The spirit of Christmas comes from the cold lands of the north, where despite the harsh winter temperatures it brings, Christmas is welcomed every year with joy. To those who want to celebrate following the Scandinavian philosophy of life, Maisons du Monde proposes the Scandicraft style, which transforms the house into an authentic nest, cradled between the delicate and bright colors of the tree decorations and natural materials such as raw wood, minerals and dried flowers of the decorations , all in the name of soft light effects and relaxation. 

Néo Vintage: a warm classic Christmas 

This essential style is all about Christmas staples: give warmth through color; and what colors to choose if not red, green, gold and brass! In the Néo Vintage collection we find classic elements of the Nutcracker, Santa Claus, holly and fir, which give a touch of classicism to the Christmas atmosphere to bring everyone together.

In addition to these online stores, you will also find on Best Discounts many other shops where to buy splendid Christmas decorations at discounted prices and find inspiration for your Christmas gifts.

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