Sunscreen: how to choose the best one and where to buy it online

A guide to help you choose the best sunscreen for your needs. Discover the discount codes to buy it at discounted prices on the best online stores.

Needless to go around it: when you are you have to protect yourself in the sunby applying sunscreen to areas of the skin exposed to the sun's rays. 

The sun is our primary source of life, essential for the production of vitamin D, but at the same time, it is also dangerous, because it increases the risk of developing melanomas and skin cancers. Not to mention that accelerates aging of the epidermis, accentuating skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and skin spots. 

For this it is necessary to protect yourself, using one of the many types of sunscreen on the market. In this article we will give you some advice on how to choose the one that best suits your characteristics and needs. Finally, we will provide you with the discount codes to be used to buy them at advantageous prices in various online stores.

How to choose sunscreen: sunscreens

I smart filters sunscreens are used to shield from ultraviolet rays of the sun, those who determine the skin burns and in the worst cases they cause diseases potentially very dangerous to health.

The filters act as real skin barrier, reflecting ultraviolet rays so that they cannot penetrate inside the skin. The substances most used to shield UV rays are thezinc oxide and titanium dioxide

there 3 types of ultraviolet rays:

  • UVA: they do not cause burns, but they are those that penetrate deeply into the epidermis, causing tissue aging and weakening of the immune system.
  • UVB: these are the rays responsible for sunburn and skin cancer.
  • UVC: are largely shielded by the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere and are not a problem. 

The best thing to do is buy sunscreens with anti UVA and UVB filters, in order to have the widest possible range of protection.  

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

The SPF, an acronym for Sun protection factor, is the number that you read on the packaging of the cream and which indicates, in fact, the protection factor of the product. The higher this figure is, the more the cream protects for a longer amount of time.

For example, a cream with SPF 30 protects the skin for 30 times the time needed to cause sunburn without protection. The SPF is relating to UVB rays, precisely those, which cause burns, and not to UVA rays, the harmfulness of which cannot be measured directly as, penetrating deeply into the tissues, they exert an invisible harmful action. Exist 4 levels of SPF protection:

  • Bassa: SPF 6 to 10
  • Media: SPF 15 to 25
  • High: SPF 30 to 50
  • Molto high: SPF greater than 50

The type of skin

Needless to point out how much the skin type influences the choice of sunscreen. For all skin types – dry, oily, normal, etc. – a format of sunscreen is recommended. Here are the main formats available on the market and their indications depending on the type of skin. 

  • Crema. Being very thick and greasy, therefore also more difficult to spread, it is ideal for dry skins. It stays on the skin for a long time.
  • Milk. Having a more liquid consistency, it is easier to spread, but less resistant; it must therefore be reapplied several times.
  • Sprays. Nebulization is practical and fast, useful for reaching the most uncomfortable parts of the body.
  • Gel. It has a lighter consistency than cream, but tends to dry out the skin; is therefore indicated for oily skin.
  • Oil. By its nature it is very greasy, so it goes best with dry and dehydrated skins.  
  • Stick. Useful to reach delicate areas, such as the eye contour, otherwise more difficult to protect.

4 tips for using sunscreen effectively 

  1. Avoid thedirect exposure in the sun hottest hours of the day.
  2. Regardless of the time, avoid staying for long time in the sun.
  3. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before to be exposed to the sun.
  4. The effect lasts a couple of hours, so remember to reapply it from time to time during the day, especially after taking a bath.

Where to buy sunscreen online

In addition to traditional shops, sunscreens are on sale on the main e-commerce platforms and in online stores specializing in personal care, such as online pharmacies and parapharmacies. If you are interested in purchasing a particular sunscreen, we offer you one store list where you will find different types and formats.

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10 online stores where to buy sunscreen

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