What to put in the beauty case for the holidays?

Keeper of all that is essential, from medicines to make-up, the beauty case accompanies us on short trips and long stays

After seeing how to organize a suitcase at the last minute without getting paranoid, all that remains is to use the same method to prepare the beauty case, the fundamental object of any self-respecting trip. Guardian of everything that is essential, from medicines to make-up, the beauty case accompanies us on short trips, long stays, in the city, at the sea and in the mountains: practical to carry or to pack, there are different models of various sizes , even if the recurring risk is to transform the beauty case into a second suitcase.

To prevent this from happening, it must be filled with criteria, taking into account the important things but without getting caught up in the urge to put an entire make-up department or the entire shelf of medicines inside.

In this article we will see how to prepare a beauty case for the holidays and where to buy one, if you don't have one, obviously taking advantage of the coupons and discounts made available by the various shops for your online shopping. 

How to prepare the beauty case

First of all, it is advisable to prepare a list of products to take on vacation and check them off when you have placed them in the beauty case. The latter must be roomy but not huge, robust enough to withstand any trauma during travel and possibly waterproof, even if the liquids inside must be well sealed and preferably kept in a separate bag. Even better if the inside of the beauty case is equipped with compartments and pockets for storing small objects, such as nail clippers or cotton swabs. Even make-up should be in a special bag as well as liquids: remember that if you travel by plane with hand luggage you will have to use 100 ml bottles and flasks, which you will put all together in the same transparent plastic bag, so you won't have problems checking luggage. 

Even if you won't be traveling by plane, the advice is still to put creams and lotions in smaller bottles to save some space.

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What to put in the beauty case

Let's start with a reassurance, that in case you forget something you can always buy it on site – it shouldn't be difficult, unless you're going on holiday in the desert -. However, make an effort to remember everything you need, making lists and memos and buying what's missing a little in advance of departure.

The most important items of any list are: 

  • personal hygiene products such as shampoo and shower gel; hotels usually provide them but if you're staying elsewhere it's better to bring both, maybe minisize if you're away for a few days.
  • toothbrush and toothpaste, even better in a pocket format to brush your teeth even when you're out and about;
  • sunscreen, to keep in your backpack when you're away from home, both at the beach and in the mountains, to avoid burns and protect your skin from UV rays;
  • body cream and lip balm, to care for the skin and protect it from irritation and dryness, annoyances that can be exacerbated on holiday by the sun and salt water;
  • Make-up, because you can't do without a touch of make-up even on vacation: the important thing is to make a selection, since between relaxation and a natural tan, in the summer it's better to opt for a soap and water look. Put a lipgloss or lipstick with a light texture, mascara and a bb cream in your beauty case, following the "less is more" rule: keep your make-up separate from the rest using a plastic bag or bag;
  • scissors, nail clippers and a razor, in case you need to give a quick trim. Also remember the sanitizing wipes to wash your hands when there is no water or the disinfectant gel;
  • medicines: we have left them as the last item on the list but they are actually the first thing to think about, to deal with any eventuality: put in your beauty case some generic medicines useful for headaches and colds, a box of plasters and a bandage , disinfectant, and anything that can come in handy while you're on the road. Antihistamines are also useful in case of allergic subjects and medicines for motion sickness; if you follow a daily therapy, make sure you bring a full pack with you or in any case sufficient for the entire duration of the holiday.

Beauty case for the sea

If you need to prepare your beauty case for the beach, remember to bring sunscreen, after-sun cream and anything else useful for keeping your skin hydrated and soft. The same goes for hair; wind and salt air can dry them out or ruin the color, so green light to softening and detangling balms, and light mousses to fix the style avoiding the use of the hairdryer. 

Beauty case for the mountains

Sunscreen in large quantities and a series of insect repellent sprays, not only mosquitoes but also flies, horseflies and all the happy company you meet when camping or hiking

Purchase the beauty case

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