Online courses: the best platforms for distance learning

An important part of the services that can be provided via the Internet consists of online courses. In recent years, the distance learning sector has undergone unprecedented growth. If until recently online learning was intended mostly for those who had…

An important part of the services that can be provided via the Internet consists of online courses. In recent years the sector of distance education has undergone unprecedented growth. If until recently theonline learning it was mostly intended for those who had difficulty attending in presence, in recent months, thanks to the health emergency, the distance teaching has become an essential necessity.

It must be said that, by its nature, that of online training it is one of the sectors that has best adapted to the digitization process we are experiencing. As evidence of this, there are the tens of thousands of online courses, free and paid, found on the web. They are real professional and vocational courses able to release recognized certificates, which in addition to enriching the cultural baggage, are useful for find work or participate in a competition.

The advantages of online training

The advantages of taking an online course are many.

  • Time flexibility. They allow you to follow your own pace of study thanks to access to lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Flexibility in the method of use. Courses can be followed from smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs and any other device, wherever you are.
  • Variety of courses. The list of online courses is almost endless.
  • Recognized certificate. Many online courses provide for the release of a recognized certificate useful for starting or continuing one's professional career.
  • Sharing. When you sign up for an online training platform, you become part of a community, where you can exchange information, ideas, share projects and draw mutual inspiration.

E-learning: the online platforms where you can follow training courses

THEonline learning is based on the use of multimedia technologies accessible via the Internet that we commonly call technological platforms

When you enroll in an online course on one of these platforms, you have access to a cycle of lessons uploaded by the teacher, accompanied by materials of all kinds (text documents, graphics, videos, presentations, etc…). The classic method of use includes a series of recorded lessons, available at any time.

Then there are the webinar, ie lessons in real time, during which you have the opportunity to interact with the teacher and which, once completed, are made available to the student to be reviewed at any time.

Le media platforms on which you can follow online training courses they are many and each has specific characteristics. Below we describe some of those that we consider most valid.

1. Udemy

with over 130.000 online video lessons, this platform manages the largest selection of courses in the world, which every month is enriched with new content published.

On Udemy they teach teachers from all over the world, they offer courses in 65 languages to millions of enrolled students.

Such a catalog manages to cover all the main interests of those looking for an online course. The subject areas available are: Development, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Office Productivity, IT & Software, Personal Development, Teaching & Academics, Business, Design, Photography & Video, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Music. 

Some summary data:

  • 40 million students
  • 70.000 teachers
  • 155.000 online courses
  • 480 million registered subscriptions
  • 115 million minutes of video lessons
  • 65 languages
  • 7.000 corporate customers.

2. Coursera

This e-learning platform is in English but also contains many video lessons in Italian (or in the original language but with subtitles in our language) easily selectable thanks to a system of filters.

with over 77 million students already trained, Couresera collaborate with over 200 prestigious universities and companies globally, and guarantees on-demand video lessons on economics, information technology, data science, languages ​​and many other topics, including free courses and university degrees at a favorable price.

3. Life learning

life learning is a Italian platform dedicated todistance learning which offers educational technology applied to training programs managed by Italian coaches and training centres.

Active in 3 countries, boasts more than 100.000 students and over 5.000 online courses. According to the CEO of the company, the goal of this online training center is:

Giving people the opportunity to use technology to accelerate and improve learning performance and improve the life of each student.

4. Academy Tomorrow

with over 500.000 students already trained, more than 140 online courses with recognized certificate in the catalog and 1.500 companies looking for profiles, Academy Tomorrow è one of the largest e-learning networks in Italy.

The platform specializes in training courses and has the particularity of having a fixed cost, which guarantees unlimited access to courses and related material, usable 24 hours a day, 24 days a week.

Naturally, there are many more platforms where it is possible to follow online courses. There are, for example: Ninja Academy, Google Digital Training, Oberlo Level Up, HubSpot Academy, Edx and Google Skillshop which offer specific online courses for certain professions.

The best online platforms to create and sell online courses

If you are not a student, but are on the other side of the classroom, you might be interested in create and sell online courses. Here are the best platforms to do it:

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