How to save on flight bookings with Ryanair

Ryanair doesn't need too many introductions: it is a famous low cost airline, known by all those who love to travel often on a budget.

How to save on Ryanair flights

Ryanair doesn't need too many introductions: it's a famous one low-cost airline, known by all those who love to travel often on a budget. Always at the top of the list of the most convenient airlines, it must be admitted that in recent times low cost is less low cost than a few years ago, yet it is still possible to save money by traveling with Ryanair by following some useful advice that we have collected in this article. 

Flying cheap with Ryanair

To save a little on your trip, you need to know that the choice of days, times and destinations is essential; immediately after, the possibility of using discount codes from our site and promos made available by Ryanair itself should be considered. With a little foresight on luggage, responsible for increasing prices, even advantageous ones, and various combos between dates, times and promos, saving for your next trip can become truly substantial!

Search the discount codes in the flights category to save money

Tip 1: flexibility 

To save on the cost of the ticket you need to be flexible in terms of days, times and seats on the plane, which means that the biggest savings are likely on flights that depart early in the morning or land in the late evening, or vice versa. In this case, before booking, make sure you have a good connection with the airport there and back, so as to eliminate the risk of inconvenience and mishaps. 

Even the days in which to leave contribute to the savings on the total: remember that traveling on the weekend costs more than midweek, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays which are the days with the most affordable prices. Obviously everything costs more than normal around holidays or in the high season, so the advice is to move the departure dates or book in advance, perhaps when you have the opportunity to take advantage of discount codes or promos from the Ryanair website. 

Tip 2: destinations 

Unless you have to travel for work or to reach a specific destination, if you still don't know where go on vacation next time try as a destination the countries that cost less and are still worth a visit: among these, the capitals of Eastern Europe offer wonderful scenery and do not cost much. Sure, if you keep an eye out for promos you might find too flights to London or for Morocco at attractive prices but there tends to be affordable destinations all year round and others that cost more, regardless of the period. Choose an eastern destination for your next vacation, there's so much to discover at low cost all year round. 

Tip 3: luggage 

Ryanair's baggage policy has always generated quite a bit of discontent among users, because travel with two pieces of luggage it means seeing the price of the ticket increase, consequently making a route as expensive as or more than expected an attractive one-bag offer. 

Il ticket surcharge it applies to the second bag to be taken on board, with a maximum weight of 10 kilos, and can lead to an increase in the price of up to €60. The basic fare with hand luggage only is an excellent option for short trips of a couple of days at most, but if there are more days it is unthinkable to travel without a spacious suitcase or backpack. If you leave for a few days in the company of another person, you might think of carrying a suitcase in two, thus dividing the cost of the additional luggage.

Tip 4: Ryanair limited time offers and discount codes

Ryanair always communicates current promotions, often even several times a month, with discounts on some destinations and some departure airports. To keep up to date, you can follow the social media and the airline's website, but be aware that these offers are almost always timed, lasting XNUMX hours or a weekend. In addition to the Ryanair offers, you can save on the purchase of tickets by searching for the discount codes on our site, to be entered in the appropriate string at the time of purchase and obtain a reduction in the total price according to the percentage indicated on the voucher. 

Also keep an eye on our site, the discount codes are renewed continuously and perhaps you can already find the one active for your next trip!

Tip 5: delete cookies from the site 

If you notice, every time you start a new search on the Ryanair website after having already navigated through the pages, the flight prices seem to increase. The first -legitimate- thing that comes to mind is that places are limited or running out, and the site itself keeps reminding us of this in a more or less insistent way. In addition to these reasons, however, the presence of cookies on the site also affects, which record the user's activity while browsing and therefore "recognizes" them at each new access; if you delete the history you will see how the prices will return to the ones you had seen a few days ago. 

Seeing is believing. 

By putting one or more of these tips to good use, saving is feasible and you won't have to give up the next one weekend out of town. Look for the Ryanair discount codes on our website and immediately use the ones valid for this month: every journey is lost, take advantage!

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