How to save money with Telegram channels

Behind the use of the famous Telegram messaging app, a world of very useful channels has been created to save money on online purchases.

Many sites but also simple enthusiasts take care of updating very popular channels and groups on a daily basis where you can find offers and discount codes from the most diverse sites. Surely among the many Amazon and Gearbest stand out, but also other more or less famous stores.

In this article, we'll highlight the most up-to-date and most trusted channels, as well as groups dedicated to specific stores and apps.

Official channel of Coupon code US ->

Channel dedicated to energy saving ->

Channel dedicated to Amazon discount codes ->

Channel dedicated to Just Eat discounts ->

Other channels dedicated to Amazon, Gearbest and Ebay offers:

If you know of other Telegram channels or resources, write to us and we will gladly report them in this article

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