How to pack last minute

There are two types of vacationers: those who like to plan to always have the situation under control, and those who pack their bags at the last minute.

There are two types of vacationers: those who like to plan to always have the situation under control, and those who pack their bags at the last minute. If you belong to the second category then this article is for you, because we will see together how to pack a last minute suitcase without forgetting anything essential.

Beyond the personal conception of organization, it can happen to anyone to leave unexpectedly for a weekend away or an unexpected trip; in this case many could get caught up in the classic panic of packing a suitcase, because arriving at their destination forgetting essential things would force them to buy them on the spot, spending money that you could keep in your wallet.

When you have little time to prepare your luggage, you need to make decisions quickly, starting from the type of luggage to use. If you travel by plane with hand luggage, check the measurements for boarding, and if possible choose one that transforms into a backpack. If the suitcase will go in the hold or in a deposit, then choose a rigid and shock-resistant model, in washable material for easy cleaning.

The space available also depends on the type of luggage: we know that the tendency is to cram the entire wardrobe into the suitcase but you have to learn to take advantage of the internal space, including the corners to be filled with socks and folded underwear, which do not create volume. Even the clothes should be rolled up to take up less space, in any case make a selection starting from the essential things, to be marked on a list and canceled once placed in the luggage. If you forget something minor you can always buy it during the trip or as soon as you arrive. 

The accessories in the suitcase can be placed in bags, creating compartments using packaging materials to separate them with criterion; medium-sized objects or even very small ones - such as jewels - can be kept in transparent boxes or bags, to understand from the outside what they contain.

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Packing your suitcase for the sea

First of all, inform yourself about the characteristics of the place where you have to go, first of all the temperature, and try to understand if you will be doing activities that require technical equipment. 

If you are going to the beach, your suitcase will consist of light clothes, swimsuits with relative changes, beach slippers, beach towel, sunscreen products; if you want to add mattresses or inflatables you can put them in your suitcase because they take up little space. In addition to beach items, also bring something for the evening and a bag, better if versatile and casual, to combine with different outfits.

Suitcase for the mountain

Compared to that for the sea, preparing a mountain suitcase can be more complex, if only because temperatures in the mountains are unpredictable and you have to be ready for anything.

Bring trekking shoes for walks and excursions, comfortable cotton or linen clothes for the day but also a sweatshirt for the evening. Even better, consider a heavy jacket and a raincoat with a hood, in case the rain surprises you.

In addition to excursions in nature there will also be days of relaxation and evening outings, so bring cotton clothes and long trousers with outerwear, to be used in case the cool is particularly pungent. 

Another accessory to remember is sunscreen: in the high mountains it's very easy to get burned, so always protect your face and shoulders. In the backpack he also carries a hat to protect his head from the sun and repellents against mosquitoes and other insects, to avoid annoying bites during walks. 

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Luckily we have seen how a little organization can help you face the preparations without stress. If, on the other hand, you have some time available, take advantage of the coupons to buy the latest useful things, from the suitcase – we don't always have the right or the most practical model – to swimsuits or mountain equipment, up to trekking shoes and the k-way. 

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