Snowshoes for adults and children: the best economic offers

Snowshoes for adults and children: the best economic offers Walking in a snowy forest, wrapped in a magical silence broken only by the crackling of one's footsteps breaking the soft mantle of fresh snow. Not a bad picture right? Walking in the mountains in winter is an activity that c…

Snowshoes for adults and children: the best economic offers

Walking in a snowy forest, enveloped in a magical silence interrupted only by the crackling of one's footsteps breaking the soft mantle of fresh snow. Not a bad picture right? Walking in the mountains in winter it is an activity that over the years has conquered more and more people.

Especially in recent times, when winter sports lovers have been forced to look for less crowded places than the ski slopes, the snowshoeing they have been very successful. Technological evolution of snowshoeing, since they made their appearance on the market several years ago, they have gained great popularity, for several reasons:

  • are economic to buy
  • are easy to be used for adults e children (just know how to walk)
  • allow you to experience the most authentic mountain, away from the crowds
  • their use does not require additional costs (see ski pass)

Not to mention that Italy offers many beautiful trails and paths which lend themselves to one snowshoe hike. 

For all these reasons, you have no more excuses, you absolutely must try this experience by buying a pair of snowshoes. Below we give you some advice and suggest some models of different price ranges which you can buy online.

Which snowshoes to buy? Features and functions

When buying snowshoes, some things must be taken into account features which it would be good for them to possess. In particular, a good pair of snowshoes should:

  • be equipped with a rigid frame
  • mount quick adjust attachments and not automatic (because the latter should be combined with particular shoes)
  • have jointed attacks (in order to facilitate the walk depending on the gradient), with the possibility of be able to block them.
  • in addition to owning teeth at the bottom (to grip the snow), they should be equipped with front crampons (to grip the snow uphill)
  • be equipped with heel lift

These are the basic features which we advise you to check before buying a pair of snowshoes.

The best economic models of snowshoes for men, women and children

It is possible to buy snowshoes of all levels on the stores of the main e-commerce stores, such as Amazon o eBay and in specialized shops such as Decathlon. On Best Discounts you will find coupons and discount codes for the best cheap snowshoes at even lower prices in each of these stores. Here are some models of various price ranges that we recommend.

Snowshoes for adults: online offers for men and women


Entry level product for adults, ideal on groomed snow. Equipped with 2 resistant steel rails, front and rear crampon, rear clip opening, buckle always on the outside of the foot.

Frame: 54 x 21cm

Weight: 40 to 90 kg

Sizes: from 36 to 46

Price: € 54,99


Designed for the occasional hiker who doesn't want to slip or sink into the snow. Simplicity, robustness and grip. 6 spikes and 1 front crampon, ankle rack, classic heel lift.

Frame: 55 x 20,5cm

Weight: from 30kg to 80kg

Sizes: from 35 to 44

Price: € 109,99

WOLF Impression 30 SNOWSHOES

Comfortable to wear but very robust and easy to use. Non-slip interior, two snap-close neck straps and a heel strap. 3 mm serrated front and rear crampons made of resistant aluminum.

Frame: 76 x 23cm

Weight: from 40kg to 120kg

Measurements: shoe length from 24 to 35 cm

Price: € 164,99


Ideal for going off the beaten track, even steep ones. Excellent sturdiness and ultra-efficient grip/traction on all types of snow. Front crampon, 2 interchangeable spikes and 2 traction bars. Frame selectable by weight.

Frame: 52 x 19cm

Weight: from 40kg to 120kg

Price: € 224,99

Snowshoes for children: buy them online on Decathlon and Amazon


Entry level product for children. Very easy to put on thanks to the soft rubber foot pocket and the 3 interchangeable tips.

Frame: 44 x 17cm

Weight: from 15kg to 30kg

Sizes: from 27 to 36

Price: €29,99


Complete as a beginner-level adult snowshoe, they feature ultra-simple size adjustment and two hook-and-loop straps. Good grip thanks to the 3D design, 6 spikes and front lug.

Frame: 48,5 x 18cm

Weight: from 20kg to 50kg

Sizes: from 30 to 40

Price: € 59,99


Equipped with a stable and resistant plastic frame, longitudinal rails and front spikes in carbon steel and single-traction hitch easy to use for children.

Frame: 51 x 20cm

Weight: from 20kg to 55kg

Sizes: from 26 to 38

Price: € 89,99

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