Borbone coffee capsules: offers and discounts on coffee pods

With the Borbone coffee capsules it will be child's play to prepare a cup of coffee at home, rediscovering the true Italian tradition.

Le coffee capsules Bourbon they are undoubtedly among the most loved by those who own a coffee machine coffee at home, and can't do without a nice and very traditional “tazzulell' e cafè”. Caffè Borbone is a brand known for the blends of classic Neapolitan coffee, tasty and unmistakable both to taste and smell, available both in waffle than in capsule. 

In this case we are talking about capsules, and coffee lovers know how important it is to choose the right ones because coffee is a serious matter: even when we prepare it at home, more than a drink we are preparing for a ritual, a sensory experience where coffee is not just coffee but the aroma of beans, the enveloping aroma of roasting and processing worthy of the best roasting companies. 

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On the market there are different types of Bourbon coffee capsules, designed to meet the tastes of a heterogeneous public, made up of coffee purists but also of those who prefer to choose different blends from time to time, ranging from decaffeinated to flavored ones or ginseng. 
The main feature that unites all types of capsule, however, is only one: the mixture rich and full-bodied born from the skilful union of excellent raw materials, processed following a careful methodology from the process of harvesting the coffee beans to the grinding, performed in a workmanlike manner, which guarantees the experience of a superior and unquestionable quality coffee.

If you think about it, it's a small miracle to find such an enveloping taste in such a small capsule, designed to give you a well-deserved pampering when you're at home or in the office, whenever you feel like it or need it.

The flavors of Bourbon coffee capsules

There are different types of Bourbon coffee capsules:

  • red 
  • black 
  • blu 
  • gold 
  • the decaffeinated version in green.

Each of these capsules is the result of a careful preparation which serves to give life to a creamy and fragrant coffee, which is impossible to resist.

The red version is ideal for bitter coffee lovers, thanks to its strong and unmistakable flavour.

The blue blend, also known as the Noble blend, is creamy and soft, perfect for those who enjoy a coffee several times a day and also to make the base for extremely creamy cappuccinos. 

The gold blend, also known as the Supreme blend, is the one that best embodies the true essence of true Neapolitan coffee: it can be recognized by its intense aroma and full flavour, which leaves the mouth feeling good even after the last sip.

Green blend for decaffeinated coffee, dedicated to those who cannot or do not want to take caffeine or who like to drink lots of coffee throughout the day.

Although it is a decaffeinated coffee, the sensation is that of drinking a very normal coffee with caffeine, because also in this case the result is an excellent espresso with a full flavour. 

Black blend, also called decisive blend, which balances the coffee blend in a perfect balance Arabian 100% and robust coffee, thanks to a seasoning of the beans processed and packaged in super-controlled environments. 

Le coffee capsules Bourbons weigh 5,5 grams each and can be kept for up to a total of 24 months.

The capsules repressed Borbone were created to adapt to Nespresso coffee machines and are the same as the others, except for the shape that "fits" perfectly with the coffee machine of the brand for which they are intended.

The capsules Don Carlo instead they are compatible with the Lavazza A modo mio coffee machine.

Bourbon Capsules "Not just coffee"

In addition to satisfying the tastes of true Italian coffee lovers, the Borbone capsules also offer alternatives to complement or replace traditional coffee; such as the ginseng, a very popular drink in recent times and equipped with energy properties, characterized by a sweet and comforting taste.

If you like exotic drinks or want to try something special, you can try guarana coffee, with energizing properties and the unmistakable taste of coffee beans expertly blended with the native fruit of the Amazon forest. 

For those who prefer traditional drinks, do not miss the barley espresso from organic crops or the tea, produced with controlled and selected hand-picked leaves and declined in different flavours, from green tea to black tea up to the classic lemon tea .

Finally, the Borbone chamomile capsules, a relaxing infusion par excellence available in various fruit-based flavours, with an enveloping and delicate scent, perfect for relaxing before going to sleep or for reading a good book on the sofa on winter evenings.

Check first if there are any discount codes eBay

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Below is a list of online shops where you can buy Borbone coffee capsules by choosing from the different blends and drinks available, which, as we have seen, are really many and ready to satisfy all types of preferences. 

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