Yankee Candle candles: offers, discounts and types

Yankee Candle candles are perfect for perfuming the environment and recreating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere.

Who does not know candles Yankee Candle? Let's talk about one of the most famous brands of aromatic candles for rooms, perfect for perfuming the house, creating atmosphere and decorating shelves and shelves. 

Yankee Candles were born in 1969 from the homonymous company specialized in the production of candles based on essential oils and natural extracts, declined in dozens and dozens of different fragrances designed to satisfy all tastes. And it is not a way of saying, the fragrances are many and all to be discovered. 

How many types of Yankee Candles are there?

There are several types of Yankee Candles: le jar, i.e. candles contained in jars of different sizes and designed for repeated and long-lasting use, votive candles, smaller and perfect for decorating centerpieces and tarts intended for essence burners. 

The tarts

The tarts they are the cake-shaped candles, to be clear, those that are placed in the upper part of the essence burner and melted with the aid of a candle, releasing the aroma throughout the environment.
Tarts are the least expensive type of Yankee Candles and can be used in different ways, as they are not real candles (they don't have a wick), they can be reused and used with any type of essence burner.

Once melted, the tarts can be reused a couple more times, even if the advice is not to go beyond two in order not to alter the original scent which could lose its intensity in contact with high heat. Since they are malleable because they are made with essential oils, the advice is to break them and divide them into two, three or four pieces so as to use them at different times and always at the maximum of their original fragrance.

Votive candles 

The Yankee Candles votives they are the classics small candles, equipped with a wick and to be placed inside glass containers. The duration of the votive candles is approximately 15 hours in total; they can be used to perfume the rooms or to embellish the centerpieces for the holidays or the bedroom and living room shelves.

They are the perfect gift because they are small and often collected in collections for fragrances or colours; if you think of giving Yankee Candles as a Christmas gift, you can buy the collection dedicated to the holidays, with candles with fragrances that taste like freshly baked sweets and biscuits, or even "Christmas magic" (it really exists, the curiosity to smell it is strong! ).


And finally the Yankee Candles jars, or the famous large glass jars with a candle with a wick inside. It is the most expensive model due to its size but it is worthwhile in terms of duration, as you can turn it off and on again as you please. How long do Yankee Candles in a jar last? Quite a lot, since we are talking about 40 hours for the small jar, 90 hours for the medium one and 150 for the large one; a solution indicated above all if you like a particular fragrance and you can't get enough of it.

How to choose Yankee Candles

Choosing Yankee Candles is a really fun process: you can let yourself be inspired by the names, some really leave a lot of room for the imagination (what does a "pink beach" or the aforementioned "Christmas magic" taste like?), or by the packaging or the colors and the decorations. There are many fragrances available, which can be classified by season, particular periods of the year such as Christmas, or according to the aromatic composition based on flowers, citrus fruits or intense notes that recall sweets such as cupcakes and chocolate cakes.

If you prefer to give them a sniff rather than a look as it should be, the advice is to go and try them on in the store; in addition to the official Yankee Candles stores, you will also find several corners in Kasanova or at Coin, for example, where you can see the size of the Jars and discover the fragrances with the nose, even if you have to consider that, once burned, the scent becomes much more intense. 

Let's say that it is impossible not to find an aroma that suits your tastes among so many varieties: you can choose from the more classic ones such as vanilla or wildflowers, try the fragrances inspired by sweets, or scents that remind you of home, like fresh laundry.

Yankee Candles are the ideal accessory for decorating and perfume your home or as a gift to someone you love: the price of Yankee Candles varies according to the type of candle, the classics and the new arrivals, but the figure is in line with the actual quality in the creation of the product, evident starting from the well-finished packaging down to the last detail and made to attract attention.

Yankee Candles are made with quality paraffin wax, natural blends and soy wax, while the glass jars in which the jars and votive candles are contained are laboratory tested, and consequently resistant and safe.  

One of the most appreciated advantages is certainly the duration, longer than other candles on the market and guaranteed by wicks made with 100% natural fibers.

Yankee Candles discount codes

Search for your favorite Yankee Candles candles in our list of online stores, on which you can use the discount codes to save money on the final price: once you have found the type of candle you like choosing from jars, votive candles and tarts, just paste the code into the bar during the purchase to immediately get your unmissable discount.

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