Beach bags for the summer: look for your favorite and save with discount codes

You aren't really ready to go to the beach until you have the right bag to take to the beach.

You're not really ready to go to sea until you have the right one bag to take to the beach. In addition to being a functional accessory, the beach bag has become a must for the beach look, to the point that it is renewed every year by taking inspiration from the most popular trends: versatile, colourful, with beads, in straw, woven, in cotton, in net, large or enormous, capacious but more stylish than backpacks and bags, the proposals are so many that they can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. 

If you still have to leave and want to complete your beach look, don't miss out on the hottest beach bags this summer: find the model to match with your swimsuit and sarong and discover the discounts available in your favorite online stores.

Which beach bag to choose

Each beach bag has its own style, so you can combine it with the swimsuit or cover-up and make your entrance to the beach on the runway like a diva.

A beach bag must be beautiful but also functional, with enough space to store keys, sunscreen, slippers and everything that can be useful. They have also been popular for a few years beach tote bags, or extra-large bags in which you can also put towels, spare parts, a hat and slippers, perfect for those who want to keep everything under control. 

Classics are in fashion again this summer, such as beach bags in canvas or straw, as well as more versatile models, to be used on the beach but also for walks along the seafront or aperitifs on holiday. Then there are the branded proposals, the refined details and the contrasts between different colors and materials. 

Mesh beach bags

Among the most popular beach bag models of all time, she cannot be missing, the mesh bag with fabric interior and long rope handles. Its solid color crochet work or with colored details is a great classic, often revisited to highlight the contemporaneity of the design and fabrics, perfect to combine not only with beach outfit but also to informal daytime outfits.

Where to buy them online and save

Straw beach bag

Who has never used the straw beach bag at least once in a lifetime? Straw is the beach material par excellence, so popular that the brands didn't miss the opportunity to personalize it with details, accessories and contrasts. The most popular straw beach bags for the summer in fact see the presence of fun details such as beads, fringes, strips of fabric and in general a great attention to detail. They are reliable and robust models, equipped with a robust internal fabric and pockets to keep all your belongings in order, without ever forgetting the style at home.

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Shopper Sea Bags

Shopper beach bags, also called tote bags, are large, colorful, spacious, and are designed to be used on occasions other than the beach. Their strong point is their comfort and capacity, which proves to be useful when I have to carry bulky things like towels with you, or maybe you want to go shopping in some shops. 

The most popular shoppers recall the typically summery patterns, colors and materials such as the white, blue and red stripes, and the rope inserts in the handles and for the decorations: they go well with cover-ups and light dresses as well as with shorts, tank tops and sneakers, to always feel super comfortable but with style.

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Floral beach bags

Le floral patterns they fit all seasons and large or small prints on beach bags continue to be a favorite design for women of all ages. 

The flowers can be more or less stylized, sewn on fabric or woven with ropes on straw, in maxi print format, the fact is that the versions are many and all different, however united by a sparkling and cheerful style that conquers. Beautiful to show off on the beach but also outside, on the seafront for a walk or to take with you on a trip, you can be sure that a floral beach bag will never go out of style. 

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Designer beach bags

The big fashion brands reinterpret the most popular beach accessory ever by adding refined details: geometric details, maxi printed logos, tassel-based decorations, lanyards, contrasting details between fabrics such as leather finishes or raffia ribbons. The result is a well-kept accessory, with a great aesthetic impact, which makes the beach bag an accessory also suitable for getting around the city; many brands pay particular attention to pockets, buckles and zippers precisely to "elevate" the concept of classic beach bag through hybridization with typically urban forms and styles. A must that just can not miss in the wardrobe of the summer!

Where to buy them online with a discount

Where to buy the beach bag

All brands offer trendy beach bags, in online stores you are spoiled for choice and you can go in search of your favorite model based on style, materials and price. And, while you're at it, remember to leverage i discount coupons and coupons active on the purchase, so as to save on the final price: we leave you a series of shops on which to apply the discount codes for the purchase of your next beach bag. Happy shopping!

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