Thermal, personalized, economic ecological water bottles: the best offers

Giving up buying a plastic water bottle in favor of a plastic-free bottle is an ecological choice that costs nothing and can do a lot for the environment. The fight against climate change passes above all through these small daily gestures, not to mention that for…

Forgo buying a plastic water bottle in favor of a water bottle plastic free is a ecological choice that costs nothing and can do so much for the environment. There fight against climate change it passes above all through these small daily gestures, without counting that for their being economic, hygienic and reusable, eco-sustainable bottles improve the lives of all of us.

  • allow us to always have fresh water available and to be well hydrated, an aspect not to be underestimated in the frenzy of our busy days.
  • The materials with which the ecological bottles are built are isothermal and allow the liquid inside to stay fresh longer. Think that a stainless steel bottle can keep the water fresh for 24 hours.
  • Steel, glass and aluminium, the three most common materials, do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical substance dangerous for the human endocrine system, which is instead present in some types of plastic.
  • Il savings deriving from all the unpurchased bottles of water is an aspect that should not be underestimated.

Types of ecological bottles: in glass, steel or aluminum?

The most common ecological bottles are made of aluminum, steel o glass. Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. We have tried to summarize them schematically in the table below.

Glass bottles

Aluminum bottles

Steel water bottles

  • elegant and with a captivating aesthetic
  • the glass is BPA free
  • they do not absorb the odors of the liquids they contain
  • high durability
  • dishwasher safe (after checking the packaging)
  • lightness
  • great material for baby bottles
  • excellent value for money
  • 100% recyclable
  • longevity: exceptional durability
  • isothermal: formidable thermal stability
  • hygienic and odourless. Stainless steel resists germs, molds and bacteria, keeping the taste of the liquid contained perfectly unaltered
  • less fragile than the traditional one but still glass
  • higher weight than other materials
  • it is not a highly isothermal material
  • easy to get dented
  • liquids more exposed to external agents that can cause alteration of flavours
  • needs more maintenance and recurring cleaning
  • higher weight than other materials
  • slightly higher price

Customized ecological bottles: gift idea for friends and collaborators

Whereas it is possible to make all kinds of them, by engraving names, images and logos on them, one personalized ecological water bottle it's great gift idea for friends and relatives. Thanks to the ecological message it conveys, a bottle plastic free it can also be the right gift for customers and collaborators to give aeco-sustainable image for your company or activity.

There are several sites where it is possible personalize a bottle, we advise you to do it on o If you want to save on the purchase of your personalized thermal bottle, check on Best Discounts offers and discount codes available for these stores.

The best ecological bottles: cheap offers online

It is possible to buy an ecological bottle on the main e-commerce sites and on various online stores. On Best Discounts you will find coupons and discount codes to buy your thermal bottle at even lower prices in stores such as Amazon, ePrice, DecathlonKasanova o Coop online.

If you are curious to know what they are the best models of ecological bottles of 2021, we report below the ranking compiled by the site To know the prices click on the models.

The best 10 ecological bottles of 2021

  2. USOMU
  4. N C-Bottle
  5. Lars NYSØM
  6. MAMEIDO Thermal Bottle
  7. Bottle Water Flask
  8. Caretta
  9. Messrs. Thermos
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