RCA insurance online: offers and discount codes from the best companies

The best online insurance companies to take out cheap RCA insurance and discount codes to save on car or motorcycle insurance.

you have theCar Insurance expiring? Before renewing it with the company you have been insured with for years, search on the internet if there are cheaper insurances.

To enter into one car or motorcycle insurance online it is almost always more advantageous than a traditional policy. In this article we will try to explain why, by listing the aspects to evaluate when you need to renew your RCA policy

What is RCA insurance and what does it include?

The compulsory insurance for every vehicle that wants to circulate in Italy is called RCA, which stands for Motor vehicle liability. It serves to cover the damages caused in case of accident and for this it is essential for any motor vehicle (cars, motorcycles, scooters, etc.).

In the event of an accident, the motor liability policy covers all damage caused to property and people involved in the accident, up to ceilings specified in the policy. By law, these ceilings cannot go below 6 million euros for damage to people and 1,2 million euros for damage to property. 

It is important to point out that RCA insurance does not cover damages to be paid by the driver

When you take out a car policy, however, you can add further options and options to these basic coverages required by law ancillary guarantees. The most important are:

  • Suspendable car insurance
  • Theft and fire insurance 
  • Driver accident policy
  • Roadside assistance insurance
  • Legal protection policy
  • Crystal policy
  • Natural Events Insurance
  • Tire damage 
  • Insurance for socio-political events and vandalism
  • Kasko insurance
  • Renunciation of revenge

Il prize, Namely cost of the insurance policy, will increase depending on the number of guarantees added to the insurance contract.

Other features of RCA insurance are that it is not tacitly renewed, but it must be renewed every 12 months and that from the moment of expiry of the policy you stay covered for 15 days even if it hasn't been renewed yet.

What determines the cost of auto insurance

Il cost of car insurance, in addition to the ancillary guarantees included in the contract, it also depends on the class of merit of the insured. Let us briefly explain what it is.

Il malus bonus class system it includes 18 classes, in which the best, the most advantageous when taking out insurance, is the 1st class. When you take out RCA insurance for the first time, we start from class number 14. Every year, if they don't cause us accidents with fault, moves up one class.

Thanks to the so-called Bersani decree however, those belonging to the same family nucleus who share the same residence, when they take out insurance they can make use of the class of one of the other family membersby inheriting it without having to start from the 14th

Other factors affecting the cost of insurance depend on the vehicle. Features like power (tax horses), consumption (the less it consumes, the more it is used, the greater the risk of accidents), active safety devices installed (ABS, ESP, TCS reduce the probability of an accident) determine higher or lower costs.

Last but not least, the price of the RC Auto depends on the characteristics of the policy holder. The novice drivers (those under the age of 25), le women (statistically they commit more accidents), who uses the car a lot (for example for work) and who lives in city ​​where the most accidents occur, will pay a higher cost.

How to save on insurance and find the cheapest one

Taking out auto insurance online is already convenient in itself, but it becomes even more so thanks to the quote and discount codes that the various insurance companies regularly offer.

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Here are some of the insurance companies that offer discount codes:

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