How much does it cost to list on Ebay?

On eBay, the costs of listing an item can vary based on several factors, including the type of listing, the selling price, the category of the item and the promotion options chosen by the seller.

Typically, eBay offers a certain amount of free listings per month, which allows you to list items without paying any listing fees. If you exceed your free listing limit, you will have to pay a flat listing fee for each additional item you list.

When an item is sold, eBay charges a fee on the final selling price, also known as a “selling fee.” This percentage commission is based on the category of the item and, in some cases, the level of your eBay store and the type of seller you are (private or professional).

Plus, there are additional options like listing promotion that can increase the visibility of your paid listing. These optional options include featured ads, visibility boosts, or featured ads, each at an additional cost.

Listing prices and fees may change over time, so it is essential to consult the eBay site or customer service directly for up-to-date information on specific listing costs.

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