Why is Zalando privè cheap?

Zalando Privé is the outlet section of Zalando, a well-known online platform for selling clothing, footwear and accessories. This sector offers products at reduced prices as it is a platform for "flash" sales, which last for a limited time and offer end-of-series stock, past collections or excess items at discounted prices, often well below their retail value original.

The reasons behind the low prices on Zalando Privé include:

1. **Overstock and end of series**: It is easier to purchase end-of-season or warehouse surplus items, which producers want to quickly liquidate to make room for new products.

2. **Temporary Sales**: Sales are temporary and often exclusive events, meaning sellers can offer deeper discounts than at a physical store or traditional e-commerce site.

3. **No physical intermediaries**: The costs of maintaining a store in a prime location are significant. By selling online, Zalando Privé saves on rent, bills, staff and passes these savings on to consumers in the form of lower prices.

4. **Stock purchases**: Zalando Privé can purchase large volumes of unsold product from well-known brands at reduced prices and resell them at a lower margin.

5. **Change of seasons**: Fashions change quickly, so do collections. One season's products can become obsolete very quickly, therefore, it is convenient for brands to sell such products through platforms such as Zalando Privé to recover investments and minimize losses.

Ultimately, Zalando Privé is able to offer advantageous prices because it adopts a business model that allows it to sell quality products at lower costs than traditional stores or other e-commerce sites that operate with other price dynamics.

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