Why can't I pay with PayPal on eBay?

PayPal has long been one of the main payment methods on eBay, but since 2018, eBay has started moving towards a new payment management system, called “eBay Payment Management” or “eBay Managed Payments” in English. As a result, eBay will gradually reduce the use of PayPal as a direct payment method on their site.

If you are having difficulty paying with PayPal on eBay, it may be because the seller has been placed on the new Payment Management system, which does not use PayPal as the primary intermediary. Through the payment management system, eBay directly manages payments and offers buyers various payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. The PayPal option may be available, but only as part of the options built into eBay's checkout system, rather than as a standalone method.

To check the details, you should look at the payments section in the item's listing on eBay, where the seller specifies which payment methods they accept. If PayPal is not listed, you will need to choose an alternative that is compatible with the new system.

Finally, if you encounter technical problems in the payment process, it may be useful to check if there are problems with your PayPal account or if there are any service interruptions preventing transactions, although the main problem remains eBay's transition to its own payment platform. payment management.

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