Where to find files downloaded from Telegram on iPhone?

On iPhone, files downloaded from Telegram do not go to the "Downloads" folder as happens on computers, but remain within the application itself. To find and manage the files you downloaded via Telegram, you need to log into the app and follow these steps:

1. Open Telegram.
2. Go to the chat where you downloaded the file.
3. Tap the message containing the downloaded file, which could be a document, image, video, etc.
4. If this is your first time accessing the file, it may download upon tapping or you can tap on the download icon if required.

If you want to see all media files in aggregate:

1. In the chat, tap the contact or group name in the header to access the profile.
2. Scroll to the “Files” or “Media” section and tap to view all shared media files.

To save a file on your device for easier access, you can export it:

1. Press and hold on the file you want to export until the options appear.
2. Select the “More” (or similar) option.
3. Choose “Save to Files” to store the file in the iOS Files app, where you can manage it like a normal file on your iPhone.

Please note that Telegram's interface and features may vary with app updates, so some steps may differ slightly.

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